Top Few Rules to Submit Your Music to Blog and Make a Good Impression

Top Few Rules to Submit Your Music to Blog and Make a Good Impression

If you have your music ready and need to send it out to the world, submit your music to blog. Follow some essential tips to get picked up by the music blogs.

Artists and musicians are always in search of innovative and effective ways of promotion. But finding quality promotion can be daunting.

And, sometimes the urge to get heard by people becomes so intense that several upcoming artists engage in wrong practices. This gives an undesired effect to their music.

Getting your music out is hard but getting it heard by the right audience is even harder!

You might come across various journalists and big media names complaining about uninvited PRs. So, you can imagine how difficult it could be.

As an independent artist, a lot of time goes into finding blogs that genuinely listen to your music. Then more hours go into finding authentic email addresses, and finally crafting the right pitch.

So, what’s the right way?

Submit your music to blog with a reputed music blog submission service.

Choose a reputed blog submission service that will help you to connect with online music leaders.

These services solve numerous problems for the musicians at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, great music and pure talent are not enough.

A music blog submission service can help you if you’re an artist who does the following:

  1. Spends hours pitching bloggers to listen to your song
  2. Spend both money and time to spread free samples
  3. Spends endless hours trying to establish a bond and failing!

Sounds familiar?

Then, it’s time that you lookout for a trustworthy blog submission service.

Whatever may be your music genre or style, there’s a music blog out there for you who would take a genuine interest in your music.

How do you get there?

  1. Choose the right blogs

Conduct some research and make sure that the music blog features a similar kind of music. Once, you find the right one, there’s a good chance that they might feature your music.

  • Check the submission rules

Check out the submitting guidelines carefully. Or else, you can miss out on your chance!

The guidelines are mostly mentioned on the site or the blog’s submission page.

  • Correct Contact Information

You must send your music to the right person. So, search for the contact details of the person who runs the music blog.

Research and find the person who submits the music and direct them an email. This shows that you’re genuinely taken out time to read and care enough to get your music heard!

  • Avoid Grammatical errors

A big no-no! Avoid spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors at all costs. Music bloggers are professional writers. They notice everything.

So, you wouldn’t want to miss out on your one big chance. Check before you send it out!

  • Make it simple for them

Input a bio explaining a lot about your music and a bit about yourself. It should be brief and on-point.

Include links to your music tracks and pages. This could be YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, or anything.

Powerful Benefits of the Music Blog Submission Service:

  1. Track the progress

As an artist, you need to check your progress. No matter how good your music is until it reaches your audience, the whole talent remains unrecognized.

Once you place an order, the music blog submission services allow you to track every progress in your dashboard.  

  • Find all details

A reliable service provider allows you to view the detailed statistics of the following:

  • The number of listening requests
  • The channels where your music has been shared etc
  • Receive reviews

The services ensure that your music receives music reviews from blog curators and fans. You also get replies from the music directors straight into your dashboard!

  • Maximum exposure

By collaborating with a good service, you readily increase your chances to reach the target audience.


The experts submit your newest song to a wide range of social accounts, bloggers, and other music influencers. This maximizes your chances to get heard by the crowd!

This not just drives the attention but also gives maximum coverage. In simpler words, establish your music.

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