Top Places You Can’t Afford to Miss in Tennessee

Top Places You Can't Afford to Miss in Tennessee

Suppose you experience wanderlust every time you get some time off work or your busy schedule. In that case, you surely know the secrets of an exciting life. Sometimes all we wish to do is pack our travel bags, catch a plane and fly off to new adventures. And with the summer right outside the window these days, it’s irresistible not to plan a vacation with the family.

While some people enjoy going to the beachside and spending some time under the sun, others use this opportunity to visit mountainous regions like Gatlinburg in Tennessee. The Volunteer State is one of the most preferred spots for summer vacation, offering various exciting activities to travelers. Here’s a list of top place which you can’t afford to miss in Tennessee:

  1. Memphis

Music-lovers often visit Memphis to relive the golden music era of Elvis; the city is constantly celebrating the songs and tunes recorded here. You can dance along the new music playing at Beale Street or visit Graceland to revive old tunes from Johnny Cash, B.B King, and more. Sun Studio and Memphis Rock’ n’ Roll Museum is also a great attraction for many grooving audiophiles. Music history is not the only history celebrated here. Still, many Americans know this city for its advocates of the civil rights movement. And so, you have to visit the National Civil Rights Museum if you’re even a little bit interested in American history. You’ll find Lorraine Motel’s site where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated after petitioning for Black humanitarian rights in ’68.

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smokies are famous for their fantastic view. The recent amendments in the park have created adventurous activities for families to enjoy. The innovation of Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is something that you cannot afford to miss. The ride gives you a tour through the forest and mountains, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy the scenic beauty around you. It can be a tremendous romantic expedition at night when the coasters are illuminated with dim lights. The sights along the way remain beautifully silent. The ride allows you to control the speed, going as fast as 27 mph, giving you a thrilling roller-coaster experience. 

Therefore, if you plan to visit the Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge is the best place to make your stay comfortable. It’s a good idea to search for condos in Pigeon Forge to find the best place for your stay and make it more memorable. It is one of the significant tourism center points, and you would need to pre-book to avoid the hassle.

  1. Nashville

Good music and good food, what else does one need to relax? If you haven’t heard of the fantastic Nashville Hot Chicken, then surely you need to get to Nashville as soon as possible! It is a local favorite, attracting many foreigners to come and try during their tour. It saves them time and allows them to experience some of the best cuisines in the U.S. The city is generous with food stops and an excellent place for Foodies enjoying sitting down with a group of friends and reminiscing old memories over good food. Also known as the Music City, it is like heaven for Country Music Fans who fly from all over the world to visit the place. It inaugurated careers for many successful musicians like Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, etc. Here, they discover new and exciting country singers while enjoying their favorite genre of music blasting from speakers of several establishments in the city. It is truly a place to visit with a group of friends and forget about the busyness of life.

  1. Knoxville

A vacation isn’t complete without taking pictures from a well-known landmark; it is like taking home a souvenir with you. The first capital site of Tennessee, Knoxville, is a well-known place for famous landmarks like the Sunsphere. It is a golden-tilted tower, with around 266 feet, located in the World’s Fair Park. Knoxville also has the most exciting downtown with several independent restaurants and shops, attracting visitors worldwide. It also shares a coast to the Tennessee River, an attraction site people use for boating and canoeing. There are various summer adventures for you to try with your family. You can explore miles and miles of trails, thrilling yourself with zip lining, and swimming in clean and cold lakes. Art enthusiasts also like to Knoxville Museum of Art, while sports lovers can visit the women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.


Tennessee is a place that has everything for everyone; it is not somewhere you could quickly get bored. From great natural sites like in Gatlinburg to its awesome clash with the modern-day architect like in Johnson City – it has got it all. Suppose you’re young and legally allowed to drink. In that case, you can spend a day at Lynchburg with visitors from all over the world, coming to see the process of making whiskey as they tour the distillery. Murfreesboro is just the place for you if you are interested in history. Canonsburg Village and Oakland Mansion here will show you the actual representation of life before the 19th century. If you’re visiting with family, then Chattanooga is a place you can’t miss. It has the world’s largest freshwater aquarium, great zoos, and landscape parks. 

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