Working from Home: How to Remain Productive?


We live in the era of technologies and digital advancements. Almost everything can be done online now, from ordering food to holding important business meetings. Technology has been gaining momentum as a crucial part of our lives for decades now. However, the Covid-19 pandemic truly gave it the biggest boost. With billions of people locked up in their own homes, digital devices soon became our workplace, source of entertainment, and more. 

Under the current circumstances, many people find it difficult to stay productive and fulfill some of their obligations. This is not surprising since our homes as workplace environments offer an unlimited range of opportunities to procrastinate and avoid getting things done. After all, who would want to keep on working when browsing YouTube is just a click away? 

Prioritize Tasks

Most of us have to deal with multiple tasks throughout the day. Their importance usually varies and there always is the most important and the most urgent task. It is easy to skip it and get carried away dealing with some less crucial duties of your day. However, this approach will not benefit your productivity in any way. 

Instead of investing your time on less important and more simple tasks, try to focus on the bigger ones. Getting those done first, with a fresh, well-rested mind will spare a lot of free time for you in the future. 

Working from Home: How to Remain Productive? 1

The best way to arrange your priorities is using the Eisenhower Matrix. It is a 2X2 matrix featuring 4 subsquares for urgent and important, urgent and unimportant, not urgent and important, as well as for not urgent and unimportant tasks. Once you fill it out, you will have a clear picture of what you should be doing at a given moment. 

Abandon confidence-boosting procrastination habits

As human beings, we are naturally attracted to procrastination. In the digital era, many people procrastinate through confident-boosting platforms. Such places do not make you feel as if you were wasting time. The most common example of such behavior is dating online. Many people seek chats or simply getting ‘liked’ on similar platforms. However, this and other such activities could end up being extremely time-consuming. 

It is difficult to abandon activities and places we love overnight. That is why you should try giving it a certain, strictly limited timeslot on your schedule. Moreover, try to find more “productive” substitutes. The queer dating app Taimi features a live stream function on its app. This rarity among dating platforms could really be helpful. Playing live streams or podcasts in the background does not interfere with your work process and occasionally can even boost productivity. 

Limit the time on Social Media:

Social media can be classified as the procrastination habit that has the biggest impact on our daily lives. It is often even regarded as an addiction. Naturally, limiting the negative effects of this behavior is not quite easy. However, if you feel like it is affecting your productivity severely, start limiting your social media time immediately, with no hesitation. 

A very good way to manage your time on social media is by setting reminders that often are featured on mobile applications. They automatically send you a notification when you have spent a certain amount of time on the platform. 

When working, set a certain amount of time for your social media browsing aside. For instance, work for an hour non-stop and then give yourself the freedom to browse for 10 minutes. Such patter can occur throughout the entire day. This will help you better manage your day and limit the negative impact social media can have on your productivity. 

Take substantial outdoor breaks

The popular belief is that working from home in this era is far from exhausting. It is true that the comfort of our homes can offer a variety of benefits. However, problems that come with being stuck in the same environment are often overlooked. 

People living alone often face issues related to loneliness. They lack the social interaction they are so used to in the office environment. On the other hand, those residing with large families struggle to navigate through noisy days, chaos, and lack of personal space. 

Furthermore, according to the data collected in several countries, a large portion of workers reported longer work hours at home. This can partly be attributed to the varied environments people live in. The fact is that what would have seemed like a dream before the pandemic is rather closer to a nightmare.

Staying indoors trying to make the most of your busy day at work will not really help your productivity. Taking adequate breaks is of utmost importance for our mental and physical health. During such breaks, try to do whatever makes you feel happy or helps you relax. In the best-case scenario, try to remain physically active, take a brief walk outside or do a 10-minute yoga exercise. Such small activities will significantly reduce your stress levels and help you do more throughout the day. 


Working from home is becoming increasingly common and many companies start to investing in work from home monitoring software for better data collection and efficiency. This new way of living has brought some challenges along. Always remember that you are not the only one struggling with low productivity and procrastination. However, with some of the tips given throughout this article, you can improve your productive output and reduce stress. Remember that everyone needs a unique approach and you also should tailor these methods to your individual needs.

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