Juice Wrld worked for a short day


Juice Wrld (real name Jarad Higgins) has only spent a few years in the music industry, but his patented emo rap brand goes against the genre and traditional masculinity. He said: “Aren’t you running away from your own feelings? This is what makes you the most authentic person walking on the earth.” Of people

Juice Wrld worked for a short day

It’s hard to imagine that Juice Wrld is okay other than a rapper, he also earn from his merch named as Juice Wrld Merch,  but when the boyhood of the SoundCloud star is about to end, he briefly sticks to a day’s work and spends time until he gets bigger.

The New York Times (despite Juice Wrld’s full music, he also plays drums and guitar-a true multi-instrument player). As a sophomore in high school, the rapper started uploading songs to SoundCloud. According to XXL magazine, when he tried to build his own SoundCloud business, he found a job in a “factory for manufacturing auto parts”, but college was really not the rapper’s choice. I will go. , But that must be something I am passionate about.

Fortunately, Juice Wrld has never made a choice between meager daily work or obtaining a degree. He was discovered at the mature age of 18, which is the same age as most people enter the first year of college. In fact, it doesn’t even have a plan at all. According to the complexity, the rapper performed almost everything in a free style, including his hit songs, “lucid dreams” and “all girls are the same”, which all translate into the way musicians run their businesses.

Personal Life of Juice Wrld

According to the 18-year-old Bad Bunny Merch (Lil Bibby) and G Money (G Money) discovered that he signed an A-level work, XXL magazine. Then, in 2018, he finally won the title of a major record company. According to the billboard, Juice Wrld and Interscope signed an agreement worth more than $3 million-but again, success is still random.

In an interview that was complicated, Juice Wrld admitted that there was no strategy when releasing music. He pointed out that uploading music to SoundCloud attracted attention in just six to eight months. “I will text my producer,” Should I give up? He will say yes and I will delete it. 

Juice Wrld was not allowed to hear and sing when I was young

In an interview, the rap star revealed that his mother is “a true conservative, in certain stubborn Christians” and will not be worried that he will “grow up like another mother.

“I remember my cousin asked me to listen to Gucci, Old Wayne, Old Birdman,” Juice Wrld told the media, adding, “I want to listen to Gucci and Jesse. I can’t remember the lyrics, so I finished them myself, and that’s how it started. In other words, the rapper continued to tell the complex. Since then, his mother has opened her arms to the idea of ​​him becoming a professional rapper. Whose mother does not want their son to be a best seller Platinum music star?

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