Want To Host A Netflix Watch Party? Here’s How To Do It!

Want To Host A Netflix Watch Party? Here's How To Do It!

As holidays are just right around the corner and you are yearning for some experience of gathering around the TV to watch a cheerful movie or a TV show. But if you can’t see your friend and relative in person this year, don’t worry. We live in an internet age that is full of options for almost every streaming platform available, and as millions and billions of people are continuing to practice social distancing as per the guidance of the CDCP (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) for the COVID-19 outbreak. However, Netflix is helping us feel connected to our loved ones with a new element called Netflix Party. But all your shows are not accessible in all the regions. Though, you can change your Netflix region at any time through a VPN.

What is a Netflix Party? You Ask!

It is a google chrome extension that you can install to start watching movies and TV shows with friends and relatives online. But what makes this Extension unique is its capability to synchronize video playback, so if the group needs a short break or to grab more popcorn, everyone’s screen will pause and resume at the same time. What’s more, a chat feature allows you to type your thoughts about the snap without having to reach for your phone or to open another app. The Extension also includes a group chats with smileys and other various emojis, screenshots, GIFs, and customized and user profiles, so you can share your comments and responses to videos as you watch them on your favorite streaming devices.  

How to Kick your Netflix watch party?

Everyone can easily host a Netflix watch party for a movie or for a show, and to achieve this goal, you need to do two things which are to get a teleparty group extension, and the second is to copy the URL / Link of the Teleparty to share with other members.

Download a Teleparty Chrome Extension

If you want to get close with your loved ones together, especially during the COVID-19 and self-quarantine measures, then start downloading its extension :

  • First, you need to “Open” the Netflix party site to download/install the “Teleparty” google chrome extension.
  • Second Hit the Tab “Get Teleparty For Free.”
  • Thirdly Click on the “Add To Chrome” button.
  • Fourth you will see a “TP” logo in your google chrome browser.
  • Fifth, you need to open Netflix and “Sign-in” with a valid account.
  • Sixth, choose a movie or a TV show for your Netflix watch party to start.

Interested members will sign in with their own Netflix account. Only One person will select the movie or TV show to see, and Teleparty will sync the account streaming. It will allow you to watch the same thing at once on your screens.

What To Do If Doesn’t work

Netflix uses IP addresses to find out where you are based on your location. It determines which TV shows and movies to watch and which you can’t. This is also called geographic blocking. In this condition, you can use VPN, but now Netflix is becoming smarter day by day. It has learned how to detect and block most VPN connections, So you should choose a VPN whose smart functions can not be deducted by Netflix.

Teleparty even has a text chat function on the side of the screen, just like youtube during live streaming, so you and all your members can chat in real-time. This tool has taught us how to make a meaningful living through movie nights and watch parties during the lockdown period when we have lost our friends, family, and lonely ones and additionally over twelve million people use teleparty to connect with various members for hosting long night movies and drunk worthy shows to expand their entertainment and explore a range of Netflix benefits.

How To See A Video Content Together

After you have created a Teleparty, another window will appear with a link. You need to copy the visible “URL” and share the received link with all the joining members once opened. You can start watching the same movie or show together. If you need to chat with someone or ping all members, there is a chatroom on your screen’s right corner where you can make jokes or communicate something else with everyone. Further, you’ll also be able to see when someone is joining a party.


And that’s all for today; many communities worldwide use Teleparty to hang out with needed members and host long-distance movie nights or shows for a good reason it demands minimal efforts all you need is the google chrome extension, a Netflix Subscription, and a group who wants to stream and chat together and if you guys have any suggestion that you want to give us, please do mention it in the comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Ok, goodbye, see you guys next time.

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