3 Tips for Using Facebook Ads Effectively

3 tips for using Facebook Ads effectively

With over 2.6 billion active users, it makes sense that Facebook is one of the best platforms for marketing of any form, regardless of the type of business you run. Better still, Facebook’s inbuilt Business Manager tools and ad suites make it easy for beginners to get started with ads while remaining in control of their budget.

Know Your Niche

Easily the most important tip of all, you need to know exactly who you’re targeting with your ads. Facebook allows an incredible amount of customization, allowing you to choose specific age groups, locations, even hobbies and interests. There’s so much information, in fact, that it can seem daunting, but Facebook’s analytical tools can help. Run a few test campaigns, identify the type of person who responds to your advert and define your niche accordingly. This saves money, time, and makes for more effective campaigns.

Better still, hire a digital marketing agency to help you understand your target audience, how best to reach them and how to tailor a marketing campaign towards your niche. Facebook advertising doesn’t happen in isolation. To be successful it must be linked to your wider social media presence. Agencies like Made by Factory help businesses to build a uniform brand across all their social media platforms, bringing in the right audiences and helping to generate leads when you do run ads.

Get Creative and Experiment

The beauty of Facebook advertising lies in its sheer versatility. Of course, with great choice can sometimes come great confusion, so it’s always best to start small until you find out the type of adverts the work for you. Image ads are the simplest kind. These function exactly as you might expect. You simply upload an image, promote it, and it appears on the newsfeed of your selected target audience.

That’s just the beginning, though. Video ads are growing in popularity, especially because they autoplay on the newsfeed. Carousel posts feature multiple images and polls encourage users to get interactive. No business is the same and there’s no one-size-fits-all type of advert. Experiment, be creative and try to stand out from the crowd. You’ll probably find that a mix of types is best, but don’t be afraid to dedicate some of your budget to experimentation.

Include a Clear Call to Action

Last but certainly not least, too many businesses put huge amounts of effort into their visuals and caption, but neglect to include a strong call to action. There’s no need to be subtle in this area. Tell users exactly what you want them to do and how it will benefit them. This might be as simple as “shop at x today for a 30% discount!” or something more complicated like signing up for an online course.

Whatever the call of action, be upfront. There’s nothing worse than making an advert that generates a huge amount of engagement but low follow through because users didn’t know what was expected of them. Stress the what and the why: what you want users to do, and why it will benefit them.

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