5 Tips for Finding the Right IT Support Provider

5 Tips for Finding the Right IT Support Provider 1

Even though 76% of businesses believe that there will be IT changes in the long term and plan for it, 80% anticipate IT support spending to stay the same.

This recent COVID-19 pandemic exposed the serious deficit of IT support and service in businesses of all sizes.

Are you looking to expand your company’s technological abilities but stuck on where to look for help? Keep reading to find out.

1. Find a Local IT Support Company Near Your Headquarters

When you consider which IT support company to go with, one consideration that often gets shuffled off is location. A local IT support company can install and fix onsite support issues with more speed and reliability than a hired third-party.

This is an often ignored point simply because we are used to a software-based global internet market. Don’t make the mistake that your hardware can be supported from a distance like your software platforms.

2. Does the IT Support Company Have Experience With Your Platforms?

It’s impossible to have tons of experience in every platform and service. Keeping in the past will make your company irrelevant and the same is true for your IT support company.

Your custom software is something you shouldn’t expect them to know how to use right away.

Also, you’ll need to understand your developer isn’t going to handle your general IT, and vice versa. Your IT support shouldn’t be expected to modify your own software.

3. Does the IT Support Company Have Experience With Your Industry?

Similar to having experience in the platforms you use (Windows, Mac, Linux distributions), having experience in your industry is a major plus. They’ll know the needs of your industry from a unique perspective that other companies won’t be able to match.

4. Make Sure They Have Good Response Times

Reviews can be good, but see if they have third-party or self-run metrics. Also, check your SLA or Service Level Agreement.

You’ll want to see if they have maximum response times that are reasonable, what their goals for resolution times are, and how long it takes to get onsite support.

5. Can They Scale Along With You?

Choosing a company local to your Headquarters means that it could have fewer resources than a regional, country-wide, or global IT support service. You need to know they have the capability of scaling along with you as time goes on.

Vice versa, they could already be a well-established company in your area, able to meet the needs of multinational businesses. Will they work with your company, if it’s too small?

Some IT support services have minimums for workstations and equipment. You should find out before signing that you both are a good fit.

It’s Hard to Find Good Help: IT Support

IT support services is an area of business that many owners find themselves struggling with. After all, your expertise is in your industry, not in information technology, right? These five tips are what you need to find the best IT support companies and managed IT support.

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