What Are Escape Games?

What Are Escape Games

Escape games are another word for escape rooms. They are a fun, interactive, physical puzzle composed of smaller puzzles.

A Fully Immersive Game

Tired of playing games online that are not that realistic? Escape rooms allow you to experience the game you’re playing in real life and in real time.

You are locked in a room for an hour with a few teammates and given a backstory for the theme you have chosen. Use the backstory to solve different clues and puzzles throughout the room in order to find the key that lets you out.

Choose From Different Themes

There are multiple different escape room themes to choose from. You can choose between rooms with themes such as:

  • Apocalyptic
  • Exploration adventures
  • Magic
  • Murder mystery
  • Space
  • Vampires

And many many more.

Figure Out Puzzles and Find Clues

Puzzles will give you clues to get you to the next step of solving how to get out. Pay close attention to hidden objects in books as well as where the light does, or does not fall. You will probably have to solve some simple matching problems, or possibly simple math.

Work together as a team to split up and conquer as many puzzles at once as possible. Communicate with one another as you do because you never know when a clue you find could help your team member solve their puzzle.

Work As A Team

Escape games are all about working as a team. They are impossible to solve with just one person. Even two people will be extremely hard. The best number of people to have on a team is anywhere between four to six people that you are comfortable with.

Escape Rooms For Special Events

Many jobs use escape rooms as a way of promoting teamwork amongst employees. However, it can also be a fun activity for birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, or just a fun way to shake up your week.

Escape Rooms Are A Change of Pace

In a digital world where we are constantly glued to our devices, escape rooms give us the ability to escape reality in a way other than using electronics. Actually live the game you’re playing for a whole sixty minutes.

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