4 Reasons Your Teen is Struggling at School

4 Reasons Your Teen is Struggling at School

There is often an underlying cause of your child’s poor academic performance. If your teenage son or daughter’s grades have slipped or they haven’t received a glowing review at a parent-teacher conference, you must identify factors that might be affecting their school life.

The longer it takes to identify the problem, the more damage it could cause to their grades, academic prospects, and well-being. Here are four reasons your teen is struggling at school.

An Undiagnosed Learning Disorder

Many students often struggle at school due to an undiagnosed learning disorder. For example, your son or daughter might have poor grades due to:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dysgraphia
  • ADHD
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Language processing disorder

If your child has difficulty writing or reading, displays frustration, or has poor attention skills, they might be living with a learning disorder. Read more about children diagnosed with ADHD at BuzzRx.


Anxiety is a common teenage mental health disorder, and it can affect every aspect of a young person’s life, from their daily mood to their school grades. If your son or daughter is suddenly struggling academically, it could be a sign of a mental health issue.

Common signs of anxiety in teenagers can include:

  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Restlessness
  • Sleeping problems
  • A lack of interest in hobbies or social activities
  • Emotional outbursts

Thankfully, there are treatment centers available to ease anxiety in teens and help them live happier and healthier lives.

A Lack of Attention

If your son or daughter struggles with a subject, it could be due to a lack of attention from a teacher. Children often learn in different ways. If they cannot absorb information in group settings, they might require more one-on-one support to boost their grades.

If you suspect a lack of attention could be the cause of their poor grades, discuss the problem with your teacher, who may provide extra help inside or outside of class. Alternatively, you could teach your son or daughter at home or hire a tutor to increase their grades.


Bullying is another potential reason why your child might struggle at school. If their grades are spiraling, and they often experience emotional outbursts, they might be a victim of bullying.

Teenagers cannot only be bullied at school, but they might receive abuse on social media. For this reason, you must talk to your child’s teacher if you suspect they are being bullied, and you must monitor their social media usage to identify cyberbullying.

If there are no signs, sit down and talk to your child about their school life and encourage them to confide in you. It could result in them opening up about bullying inside or outside the classroom, and you can then provide the help and support they need to manage the problem.

Your child’s failing grades will not equal a lack of intelligence, as there could be an underlying cause, such as a learning disorder or a mental health condition. Look for potential signs, talk to your son or daughter, meet with their teachers, and seek a professional diagnosis, if necessary.

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