3 Women Leading the Way into a Safer and Healthier Future

3 Women Leading the Way into a Safer and Healthier Future

Never more so than in 2021, our sights are firmly trained on the near- and distant-future. The shock of the past 12 months has served to create an air of liminality which, for many of us, translates to a sense of apprehension – and, in a more positive sense, hope – for the future of our planet, and for its billions of inhabitants.

And, while many of us our doing what we can to implement positive changes within our personal lives, others are working at the very forefront of innovation to ensure that change comes even faster than we could have anticipated.

Here are three women working to change the world, and carve out a safer, healthier and happier future for all of us.

  1. Anita Diamant

The past few years have seen a dramatic and, in many cases, unprecedented sense of advancement toward new levels of understanding, and yet some of our most basic necessities continue to go unmet.

The concept of menstrual poverty is one that has dragged on around the world for thousands of years, in myriad different forms – and one which will continue to demand significant attention, resources and education to before it is eradicated completely.

This is what pioneers like Anita Diamant, author of ‘Period. End of Sentence.’ have been working to achieve. While some issues can be gradually diminished with proper funding, some, like this one, demand a much more profound shift within the collective consciousness. Diamant’s work to consistently hammer away at enduring misconceptions and taboos is precisely what the world needs.

  • Angela Spang

Many of the surgeon’s most vital tools can, by virtue of their practicality and indispensability, appear so simple, particularly from the outside. But, from the scalpel to the retractor, each item which finds itself within an OR has undergone decades worth of study and innovation, and continues to represent a primary focus for today’s innovators.

Spang stands as a paradigm for the invaluable emphasis modern-day pioneers are placing on the surgical tray. Her self-retaining retractor, capable of minimising personnel within the OR and enabling a far greater level of accuracy for surgeons with only one hand (and very little attention) to spare, has already earned her the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, and is already sending waves across the global surgical community.

  • Beth Koigi

Of those most basic necessities, water is – and always will be – the most fundamental to life. For decades now, philanthropists, celebrities, anthropologists and regular citizens have been working to shed light on the ongoing struggle millions face, simply in the fight to find access to clean and drinkable water each day. And, while remarkable work has been done to remedy this issue, it persists.

Beth Koigi, entrepreneur and CEO of the Majik Water company, has been working to change the ways in which vulnerable communities access water since graduating from Chuka University since 2013, and Majik Water represents a synthesis of her efforts. Capable of turning air into water, Majik Water promises a sustainable, clean and safe alternative to the struggles faces by countless individuals each and every day.

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