How has employee behaviour towards sick days changed since COVID?

How has employee behaviour towards sick days changed since COVID?

Nobody likes to be sick and nobody likes to be the one letting the side down by taking a day off – whether that’s because they either can’t stomach the prospect of working while ill or don’t want to infect their co-workers. But we are only human – the last year has proven that to us time and time again. 

However, while the government (and no doubt our friends and family members) have constantly been telling us to take it easy and focus on our physical and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, it would appear the “keep calm and carry on” British spirit is still very much in effect.

It’s just a cold

Banner printing specialists instantprint surveyed 1,000 UK employees on how their attitude towards calling in sick has changed since the start of the pandemic and for many very little had changed. Indeed, 22% admitted it would still “take a lot” for them to call in sick, while 21% said they’ve been calling in sick less often and are only doing so for a serious illness or something contagious like COVID-19. But why could this be the case?

Remote control 

Remote working is always something that has lingered on the fringes, but it’s fully migrated into the mainstream thanks to the pandemic. With so many workers no longer having to brave the commute to get to work, they could be far less likely to feel the need to take the day off. At home, we are surrounded by our creature comforts, so the prospect of working from home might seem more feasible than working from the office. Not only that but the potential risk for contamination is mitigated too.

Taking your mind off it

The COVID-19 menace has not only been a blight on our physical and economic health but also our mental health. Even if we’re feeling a bit under the weather, many of us have welcomed the distraction that work gives us from the perpetual doom-mongering that seems to be prevalent on the news and internet.

Feeling the pressure

In many ways, COVID-19 took the pressure off, as if you had symptoms you were told to stay home. But now that the world is getting back to normal and more people are returning to the office, many who were forced to take time off because of COVID-19 might feel added pressure to ensure they have no further days off going forward.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to put your health first at every opportunity. You might not want to let a little sniffle keep you from the office but think about what you’re taking into work with you and who else it could affect.

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