3 Ways Brands Can Get Involved With Their Audience In Real-Time

3 Ways Brands Can Get Involved With Their Audience In Real-Time

Connecting with your audience has never been easier or harder!

While we now have amazing tools like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter to help reach audiences across the globe for free, social networking sites are making it harder and harder for brands to be visible and for audiences to get involved in what brands are saying.

The Dying Reach of Organic Social

Going back 5 years or so, organic social was where it was at, and for many brands, it was an easy way to create content their audiences wanted to see and guarantee a bit of free-ish advertising.

Not these days though!

With organic reach on most social networking websites close to 0%, brands need to find new ways to get their audience to come to them, rather than hoping to go to their audience.

Here are three ways your brand can achieve that audience connection, even with an almost dead organic reach.

Use Tools To Collate Content

First and foremost, it is all about the content that is being created in real-time and how to collect and reuse that content.

If your audience is creating content for you (user-generated content) but you have no idea how to find it or use it, using tools to help you collect live content will make things much easier. This is especially good for sports audiences!

If you are unsure of how this technique could help, find out more about collecting and using live content, and how it can help your brand.

Tweet Along With TV

Many newer and smaller brands are ignoring Twitter as a platform because of its obvious limitations and drawbacks, and because the Twitter audience is quite particular in the kind of content they like and get involved with.

One of the best ways to build rapport with your Twitter audience is to tweet along with a popular TV show that makes sense for your brand.

UK-based smoothie company, Innocent, always tweet along with the Great British Bake Off in their usual irreverent style. This is a show that is hugely popular in the UK and makes sense for the smoothie brand to be involved with. It also helps to promote them to a new audience they may not have already been reaching by getting involved with the hashtag #GBBO.

Do an AMA

AMA is a short-code for an Ask Me Anything, and it is a really popular thing to get involved with on Reddit as well as other platforms like Twitter.

The basic premise is that people ask your brand questions, and you reply. It sounds simple because it is, but it does come with its own warning that AMAs can go badly wrong.

It is best to let your audience know when you will be getting involved with an AMA and give them a guideline of the kind of questions you will be happy to answer.

Although it is an Ask me Anything, it does not mean you should go off track with your brand voice and start answering any old questions, and be sure to steer away from religion and politics if this is not your brand!

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