What Should Your WordPress Redesign Do for Your Business?

What Should Your WordPress Redesign Do for Your Business?

Hiring a professional web design or development agency to refresh your website can occasionally feel unnecessary. After all, Content Management Systems like WordPress offer easy customization that can be worked on by untrained designers and businesspeople. Unfortunately, there is only so far that a Do-It-Yourself approach can take you when it comes to WordPress redesign. A seasoned professional will take your brief into account and work out how to achieve your aims using the latest design trends. Before you pick up the phone and talk to an agency, it is worth going over what your aims might actually be when commissioning a WordPress refresh. Here are some of the areas that a professional can help you improve.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO for short – consists of a series of design and marketing tactics used to increase a website’s relevance to search terms likely to be used by potential visitors. SEO involves research into both the target audience and how search engines rank results. The more relevant your website is to potential visitors (according to search engine algorithms), the more traffic you will get.

WordPress is well known for being very SEO-friendly. This is one reason for its dominance: WordPress powers around 34 percent of the World Wide Web. Although there are some things you can do yourself – such as keyword optimization – a professional web design agency will be well placed to optimize your website for high search engine rankings completely. In addition, professional designers can help you gain favor with search engine algorithms by making your site mobile-friendly, packed with useful metadata, and quick to load.

Brand Awareness

If you run a business, you’ll know just how important it is to present a united brand identity that speaks to your target audience. An experienced professional web designer will be able to walk you through ways in which you can effectively display your brand identity and raise brand awareness online. In addition, there are lots of new WordPress design trends to be aware of, and you need to know what kind of path to follow if you want to convey your unique identity online.

Usability and Conversion

Complication is the enemy of good design. That old and often used adage  – Keep It Simple Stupid – rings true when it comes to designing a website that is actually pleasant to use. Visitors have every opportunity to leave a website and take their business elsewhere if they are confused or thrown off by the clunky design of your website. Therefore, a good designer will try to fit in all of the features in your brief while keeping the website as straightforward as possible.

Usability also has a big effect on how many people are converted from visitors into customers. The fewer hurdles a customer has to jump over before they can make a purchase, the stronger the chance that they will opt to go ahead and part with their hard-earned cash.

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