The Business of Dog Grooming: Mobile, Salon or Home?

The Business of Dog Grooming: Mobile, Salon or Home?

With so many of us wanting to pamper our precious pooches, it’s no wonder there has been a dog grooming boom. Not only does dog grooming make your precious fur baby smell amazing, but it also comes with health benefits. Grooming dogs helps them to feel comfortable and prevent unwanted fleas and ticks. 

But what exactly is dog grooming and who can be a dog groomer?

 What is dog grooming?

Dog groomers generally provide services such as nail clipping, bathing, fur trimming, fur colouring and nail painting, but they also have another function. As well as making our pets look pretty, they also help decrease the risk of dogs having health problems by checking them over for swelling, cuts, bruises and various parasites.  

Who can be a dog groomer?

If you’re an animal lover and are confident handling and caring for dogs, then you could start your own dog grooming business. 45% of households in the UK own a pet, yet many owners struggle to groom their dogs at home – so there is a huge demand for skilled dog groomers. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to start your own dog grooming business, you’ll need to consider whether you want to set up a mobile service, salon or work from home. 

Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but one thing’s for certain though – however you choose to set up your business, you’ll need to buy the correct equipment. This includes grooming tables, bathing stations, blow guns to blast away hair and keep your work area clean, and of course – shampoo and conditioners! 

What’s best: mobile, salon or at home?

Mobile dog grooming

As overheads are so small, mobile grooming is a less risky option if you’re just starting out. Not only this, but you can also advertise on the go purely by branding your mobile grooming salon! 

However , although a practical option, you may be limited in terms of how many dogs you can groom at once. You’ll also have to be prepared to spend lots of time in a small space, which could be tricky at times, especially if your van is on the small side. 

Setting up a grooming salon

A popular (and more traditional) option is setting up a grooming salon. Setting up a salon provides a great opportunity to make big profits relatively quickly as you can hire other groomers and expand your business, whilst grooming multiple dogs at once. 

However, it’s not cheap to run a salon, and overheads soon add up. That combined with increased administration costs could be too much to take on if you’re just starting out. 

Working from home 

If you choose to work from home, you firstly need to have the available space. If you have a room, garage or shed, you can consider converting these into a state-of-the-art grooming salon.  Working from home can be a great option if you have a busy family life, or even dogs of your own that need to be taken care of. You can also choose when you work and maintain relatively low running costs. 

However, like a mobile salon, you are limited to the number of dogs that can be groomed at any one time and expansion opportunities are limited unless you have sufficient space to convert your more of house into a salon. 

The verdict?

Becoming a professional dog groomer is an excellent career choice. As many dog owners lack the time and skills to do a good job themselves, dog grooming is certainly a viable career option. 

Whether you want to set up a salon, mobile parlour or work from home entirely depends on your situation. They can all prove to be sensible business models, and each have their benefits, depending on your lifestyle and goals. 

If you’re a dab hand at dog grooming, then why not take the plunge?  

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