What are the best Unique Experiences in Hurghada? my trip to Egypt

my trip to Egypt

I visited the tourist city of Hurghada for 14 days and the ancient city of Cairo for 7 days, so I share with you my experience and what are the best tourist trips & Things to Do in Hurghada that you can take in Hurghada.

  1. Dolphin World show In Hurghada
  2. Sindbad Submarine
  3. 3 Hours Safari by Quad Bike
  4. Horse Riding in the Desert
  5. Parasailing Adventure in Hurghada
  6. Hurghada Museum Day Tour
  7. Hurghada City Tour
  8. Red Sea Liveaboard Safaris Trip
  9. Hurghada Seascope Semi Submarine
  10. Hurghada Giftun Island Trip

My Experience of communicating with taxi drivers in Hurghada Egypt.:

I had the opportunity to take a taxi on a tour of Cairo, and it was confusing, the driver brought it to the wrong address and took it several times more expensive

Types of taxis and transport in Egypt:

Cairo and Giza

 Cheap metro, white capital taxi, affordable minibus for transport, air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned bus, taxi. etc. are available for you and the popular tuk tuk.

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh: There are private Taxi Hurghada and there are minibuses in the city for 10 people.

Delta and the rest of the provinces: private taxis, available minibuses for 12 people within the city, tuk tuk in popular areas

ber and Karimi app:

Many tourists will be disappointed with the problem with the Uber service app, but it is completely reliable in Egypt and the best choice since drivers do not use cards and can get lost.

Traffic in the cities of Egypt is very intensive and there is a lot of congestion, so you need to take this into account when calling a taxi so as not to be late

Driving a car in Hurghada Egypt

Most of the drivers, be they light trucks or taxis, do not follow traffic rules; they are just decorative signs on the street.

A large proportion of drivers drive in the opposite direction, even if the traffic is one-way. as well as at crazy speed on the highway and do not give signals or turn signals before changing paths.

The traffic police daily fines drivers and offenders, but there are drivers with a different culture and respect the laws of driving and people’s lives.

Applied from time to time, identified drug addicts on the roads of Egypt, the development of traffic rules designed to help newcomers to freely have a driver’s license and a car to live in Egypt

Prices for renting hotel accommodation in Egypt.

The price of renting a furnished studio in the heart of Hurghada starts from 350 pounds per person without meals, you can also rent a two-room suite with 2 double beds without meals. Prices start at £ 400 per person.

Prices for renting a room per person in a small hotel with breakfast in Cairo from £ 150 to £ 250 per night

My experience with a hotel in Cairo.: I booked 3 nights with breakfast and good views of the city and life in Cairo for 650 pounds.

My experience with a hotel in Hurghada: I booked a double room for me and my friend at a hotel in El Kawther for 4 nights at a total cost of £ 1,600.

Cairo has all categories of hotels up to 7-star hotels, family and small youth hotels, and hostels. If you want to book in advance, it is preferable to deal with a booking site, especially hotels in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh.

all hotels are of the highest level of cleanliness and service

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