The Best Side by Side Upgrades in 2021

The Best Side by Side Upgrades in 2021

Shopping for upgrades is the most fun a UTV rider can have…short of actually riding, of course. If you’re gearing up for summer and preparing for a season of off-roading, there are a few upgrades that are essential. You likely need to upgrade wheels and brakes to ensure your UTV is safe to ride, but you might also want to upgrade your exhaust system just for fun. Check out the best upgrades available in 2021 for all your UTV needs and enjoy both fun and functional improvements.

Best UTV Wheels for 2021

Wheels are arguably the most important part of your UTV, and you want the best ones. These UTV wheels are the top of the line for quality and value:

  • Moose Utility Type 387X Rear Wheel: With a load capacity of 675 lbs., these rims are built for adventure
  • Sedona Sparx Wheels: These wheels come in a range of sizes — 12, 14, and 15 inches — and boast a lightweight design
  • Quadboss Steely Wheels: The rock-crawler construction of these wheels make them perfect for even the toughest outdoor conditions

To find the right wheels, begin by measuring the rim size. Be sure to also measure the offset and bolt pattern to find the correct rims.

Best Exhaust Systems for UTVs for 2021

When it comes to exhaust systems for UTVs, you want the sound, but more importantly, you want the performance. The best exhaust systems offer both:

  • HMF Engineering Titan Series Slip-Ons: Resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion, the Titan slip-on produces and deep rumble and boosts torque
  • Bikeman Performance Straight Race Pipes: Constructed from stainless steel, this pipe boosts spool times and minimizes heat on your exhaust
  • Big Gun EVO Sport Utility Slip-on: This model increases horse power by four to eight measures and delivers substantial torque gains, too

If you’re looking for an exhaust system that demands attention, announces your arrival, and improves your speed, these selections are your best bet.

Best Brakes for UTVs for 2021

Fresh, functioning brakes are essential to the safety of your vehicle, and replacements are one of the best investments you can make. These are the best UTV brake kits on the market for 2021:

  • High Lifter Products Disc Brake Kit: Designed to resist moisture and corrosion, the High Lifter kit features dual-piston calipers for superior performance
  • Bikemaster Sintered Brake Pads: Bikemaster’s premium brake pads are constructed with metallic compounds that resist heat and offer a longer lifespan than other brakes
  • Shindy Master Cylinder Brake Kit: The Shindy Master brake kit offers an adjustable lever angle for maximum versatility

There are several different kinds of UTV brakes available on the market. Check your UTV manual before buying new brakes to ensure you invest in the right type.

Buy the Best UTV Accessories of 2021

No matter what UTV accessories you’re shopping for, you can find them at 2wheel. With an inventory that will amaze any UTV enthusiast, you can shop UTV parts online and see all of the best products of 2021. Reach out online or call (844) 761-2040 to hear more about the best-selling products.

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