Good news ! Watching cartoons would be very good for your health

Good news ! Watching cartoons would be very good for your health

The children are not the only ones love cartoons! And good news, you don’t have to be ashamed to watch them anymore because they could not be more beneficial for your health . According to Lauren Rearick, columnist for the Huffington Post , cartoons are very effective in the fight against depression and anxiety. To reach this conclusion, the young woman tried it when it was not moral and it proved miraculous. ” During the past year, I turned to cartoons over and over again. My mind would calm down, my worries were gone, and it was the only thing that allowed me to laugh.”, explains the columnist. And to tell the truth, it is not very surprising. Very often, the cartoons are carriers of strong values ​​and can only do us good. You can therefore abuse it, you risk absolutely nothing !

A positive impact on health

If you have a little bit of the blues, now you know what to do. Love, happiness and hope are usually the core values ​​in cartoons and this can only have a positive impact on your health. In addition, most of them are generally very funny and this is an aspect that should not be overlooked for your well-being ! Indeed, laughter makes it possible to synthesize serotonin, the hormone which regulates our mood and fights against depression, but also endorphins, which reduce anxiety and stabilize our mood. No more romantic comedies, which could also worsen your emotional state, treat yourself instead to the complete Disney classics ! You will see, you will not be disappointed.

Now that television is inferior to anything on the Internet, it has become easier to activate cartoons for a child, but at the same time it is more difficult to find quality cartoons. On TV constantly show a lot of cartoons, only their quality is in question in most cases. However, there is the Internet, where you can still find and include the best free cartoons. The main thing is that parents, thanks to the Internet, can choose which drawings will be useful to the child, and not depend on national television.

In the childhood of any child, cartoons play a huge role. Remember at a young age because you wanted to turn on the TV to watch cartoon online or a new series about your favorite cartoon characters. Thus, our children dream of diving into such a luminous world where kindness and beauty reign.

Thanks to cartoons, the child learns about the world, learns such important elements as: friendship, love, responsibility, discipline. Very often, cartoons teach a child much better than their parents, kindergarten and school. Each child tries to put themselves in their beloved hero’s shoes to understand their feelings and actions. That is why it is so important to choose good and good designs.

In addition, psychologists conducted a study that showed that regardless of the quality and character of the cartoon, parents should always watch it with the baby, and in doing so, explain to the child what is good and What is bad. The little man still doesn’t know how to draw conclusions on his own, so he has to help first. You cannot let this process take its course, otherwise you risk your child’s moral values ​​being somewhat different from what you would like.

When selecting cartoons, it is best to stop your choice on educational cartoons. Cartoons should not only kill time, but also bear the benefits. With the help of cartoons, a child can be taught a lot and interested in various sciences. For example, the cartoon “Fixiki” is very popular now. It does not seem extraordinary, and the child learns very early on how various devices are arranged and operated. These children will then be happy to study physics; they will be interested in the technical details of how the technique works. In addition, there are quite a few such caricatures. Parents should decide that their child would be more interesting and informative, and based on this, choose cartoons.

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