Your Home Moves

Your Home Moves

It might not feel like it but your home is constantly moving and shifting. In the warm summer months it moves from side to side, and in the cold winter months it moves up and down. This is because of the warming and cooling of the earth beneath your home and the quality of the soil.

Due to this constant motion the foundations of your home take some strain. Over time cracks and fissures can develop, you might also get issues with bust pipes. The best way to resolve the issue is to invest in quality foundation repairs.

Foundation Repairs Save Money

Few things are certain in life but one thing that is is the gradual deterioration of your home’s foundations. The foundations of your home isn’t something you often think about which is why they seem to deteriorate so fast. You can either look out for these signs or premeditated them.

The consequences of not monitoring your foundations properly is problems with burst pipes, cracks in the walls and wonky window and door frames. These are all symptoms of the underlying cause and each thing will cost money to repair.

Future Repairs are Expensive

By having your foundations repaired today, you save more money. The fact is the cost of materials and labor are always rising which means that future foundation repair costs will turn out to be more costly. It will also be less efficient as your foundations will have deteriorated further by then.

Have your foundations examined today and consult with a structural engineer at You might find that it makes more sense to have them fixed now thereby avoiding home Repairs and getting your foundling fixed up for a cheaper rate.

For Moving Purposes

When you sell your home it’s a good idea to have your foundations repaired. Even if this is expensive it will add value to your home and improve its chances of being sold. It also gives you a chance to include the price of the repairs into the asking price so it’s a win-win situation.

If you choose not to go down this road the chances are a structural engineer will identify the issue and you will have to renegotiate a price for the home. This will make it harder to sell and you will receive less for it. It’s better to fix the foundations yourself and command a higher fee.

Foundations are Foundational

If you have some structural issues in your home such as cracks in the walls or ceiling, problems with pipes or anything else, you need to hold off on these repairs until after you’ve fixed the foundations. If you fix these things first the chances are you will have to fix them again.

During a foundation repair process the property is lifted. Rigs are used to lift the property depending on the type of foundational repair you need. This naturally puts more strain on the property and can cause cracks and fissures. It would be a waste of time and money to repair these issues first.

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