Why Should you Renovate Your Industrial Floor

Why Should you Renovate Your Industrial Floor

When you’re working in a warehouse, factor, or industrial setting, it can be easy to overlook the importance of the floor under your feet. But like any other element of the building, the floor is something that needs to be constantly monitored and maintained. Depending on how much punishment it has to absorb from boots and vehicles, it may need a different sort of treatment.

Treating an Industrial Floor

Among the most popular kind of industrial floor treatment is epoxy resin. This is a combination of liquid plastic and a hardener which causes it to – well – harden. After the two have been mixed, the solution is spread across the floor, where it hardens into a perfectly smooth and level surface. Given that the underlying concrete is porous, it’s easy for the resin to bond strongly to it once it’s set. Use Mobile Dust Extraction for renovate your industry floor this is very important and useful tool now a days.

A resin coating makes the floor more resistant to nicks and scratches, and eliminates the problem of dust building up over time. When you’re walking, driving, or dropping heavy objects onto bare concrete, you can release a multitude of tiny particles which eventually find their way into the air. Thus, coating of this kind is absolutely essential in any environment where hygiene is a concern.

The smooth surface also means less wear and tear on the machinery which travels across it. There are also aesthetic advantages to epoxy – it will make the floor shiny and attractive!

What about Floor Paint?

So where does specialist floor paint fit into this? Well, it confers many of the same advantages, though it isn’t the same kind of product. Many paint manufacturers will include a small amount of epoxy in the mix, which lends the paint superior adhesion, and makes it that little bit bouncier and more durable.

While the underlying chemistry might not be technically identical, many of the same advantages of an epoxy coating are present in garage floor paint. The surface is more attractive, safer, and more resilient.

When to Change the Floor

The very best time to treat the floor is when the space is empty. This might mean when the building is newly-purchased, and you haven’t yet move in any of the machinery. In many cases, however, this might be impractical – and the effort of taping the bottom of a machine might be considerably outweighed by the effort of moving (and potentially damaging) the same machine. Concrete Screed is also one of the best options to renovate your industry floor.

You might wonder whether applying a floor coating is going to interrupt your operations. The good news is that disruption is usually minimal, since industrial floor coating is usually set and dry within a few days. Wait for a weekend, or a spell in which you aren’t busy, and get the coating applied then.

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