Best time to visit Costa Rica – A guide for Adventurer

best time to visit Costa Rica

When was the last time you travelled? I am sure it’s been such a long time because that is the reason you are here on this page. Well yes, amid this pandemic situation we all have been sitting at home for such a long time. What we all need is a perfect break from this monotonous life. And if you are planning a trip then definitely Costa Rica has to come up to your mind. So,here Travelila will let you know more about the best time to visit Costa Rica.

A small American nation, Costa Rica is known for its rich culture and incredible biodiversity. This place is indeed a paradise for peace and biodiversity. Serene beaches, pristine rainforest, incredible national parks, and vast volcanic mountains are some of the few wonders of this beautiful country.

To start with, let’s first know when is the best time to visit Costa Rica. 

Now, deciding the period to visit Costa rica depends on many factors such as:

1) Cost: 

If we precisely talk about costing and all then,it all depends on which month you are     travelling. For an example if you are planning a trip during Christmas and Easter weeks then, your costing is going to get nearly twice as expensive as the average cost.

However, if you are planning your trip during off season then definitely you are getting some exclusive deals in your flight bookings and your hotel bookings. Apart from that you can also gain advantages in different activities you are going to do in Costa Rica.

2) Weather:

When it comes to weather, it all depends when and where? Costa Rica’s weather is beautiful all the year round. But it depends on traveller to traveller what kind of climate beauty they want to explore.

Place also matters in Costa Rica because it may be flooding at one area and at other places they may be experiencing a dry season.

Both dry and rainy seasons  have their own advantages. Dry season brings glory to some places whereas the rainy season adds extra charm and beauty in rainforests. However, it depends on the traveller what they actually crave for.

3) Crowds:

Crowds really matter, at least for some travellers. The peak travel season when most people visit is the dry season i.e, December to April. You can find heavy crowds during this month. Although some travellers find this comfortable as they prefer travelling when it’s a peak season.

For those who don’t like crowds or don’t want much tourists around can prefer the rainy season. You will find less tourists in the rainy season in comparison to the dry season.

So, these were some of the factors which answers- What is the best time to visit Costa Rica?. To know further in detail let’s take a month wise report so that you can make your mind easily.

January – April

The Rainy season has just come to end and so you can find your surrounding green and unwholesome tropical. Weather will be quite sunny and warm as this period will be the dry season of Costa Rica.

This period is considered to be the peak travel season of Costa Rica. During these months you will find plenty of water in the river thereby giving you the best river rafting experience. Also, you can enjoy Waterfalls during these months.

Travellers who love exploring wildlife and beaches come from across the globe to experience the country’s spectacular rainforests and shorelines. During this time of the year you will be able to find the country’s bullfight, dance and live music.

This particular month calls many visitors, especially January and during Easter with wonderful wildlife to be experienced along with different adventure activities. This is indeed the best time to visit Costa Rica.

May- August

The beginning of Costa Rica’s green season.  While the rainy season has just started you can still find plenty of warm and sunshine in some particular areas like Central Valley and Northern Pacific. This particular season is referred to as green season because of it’s beautiful foliage. Crowd is comparatively lower than during the dry season as some travellers find rains as an interruption in their view.

In the months of July and August you can find rainfall increasing. But this will not spoil your trip as some travellers love watching wildlife and beaches during the rainy season.

This is also a great time to see the beginning of whale watching season and to see green sea turtles on the coastline of Tortuguero national park.

Travellers who are looking for some beach time can find sunshine on the northern coast, which receives the lowest year-round rainfall in Costa Rica. However, if you are planning to visit during this season just keep in mind that your hotel and flight bookings are done well in advance.

September – December

September and October are known to be Costa Rica’s rainiest months. But still you can plan to visit because these are one of the beautiful months in Caribbean coast. If you are planning for Caribbean coast then this period is the perfect one.

You will find different climatic conditions in the Central Valley and Pacific coast during September to November. These are considered to be the rainiest months here.

If we talk about Guanacaste, the dry season lasts weeks longer compared to other places. So this period is also comfortable for Guanacaste. However, according to tourist facts, these months cannot be termed as the Best time to visit Costa Rica. but you can still enjoy some places during these periods as you will find less rain in comparison to other places.

Also. 15th September is celebrated as Independence Day in Costa Rica so you can also witness their celebration which is done with a children’s marching band parade playing the National Anthem on Xylophones.


So, this was a complete overview on When is the best time to visit Costa Rica. Before planning a trip go through this article so that you can make up your mind, which time period is the perfect one to visit. Choose your preferences and locations and accordingly, decide your time to visit. But one thing is sure, Costa Rica will not disappoint you no matter whenever you visit.

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