9 Tricks to Get Twitter Followers Easily, Much Faster

Get Twitter Followers Easily

When you start on Twitter, with zero followers, and nobody reads you, getting followers on Twitter can seem like an almost impossible task. But it does not like that, know how it is done, not only can they be achieved, but they can also be achieved in a fairly reasonable period of time.

Today I am going to focus on the tricks to get followers on Twitter that you can apply to build yourself in a matter of days with a good base of followers and from there accelerate your growth in this social network.

Many of these tricks will be useful not only for that initial start, but they will also bring you a permanent (and increasingly intense) flow of new followers

10 tricks to accelerate the growth of your number of followers on Twitter

Well, let’s go there with what would be the 10 best tricks I know to get the number of followers of your Twitter account to grow at a good rate, even when you are starting from scratch:

  1. Have a personal and / or professional blog

This is, without a doubt, the most powerful tool I have known so far to get followers on Twitter and, therefore, my No. 1 recommendation if you want to have a Twitter account with a large number of followers is that you create a related blog that deals with topics that you are passionate about and about which it is not difficult for you to write. I know … It is a bit ridiculous to recommend the creation of a blog just to grow your Twitter account, but I would not make this recommendation if there were not yet many more reasons that advise you to seriously consider this option. Not in vain, people consider that the blog is the most important tool for your personal brand (statement, with which a humble server agrees 100%). In other words, the blog, regardless of your Twitter account, interests you anyway.

If you dare, you will discover that a blog + Twitter is a perfect alliance with many synergies.  In this blog, which is still very young, we have already had posts that have brought us  more than 50 followers in one day  and surely a total (this is already difficult to measure) of  more than 100 followers  since they were published for the first time.

  1. Use Twitterfeed

The free online tool Twitter feed competes hard with blogs for the title of “most powerful tool I have known to date.”

In fact, in the event that you do not have a blog or you see that blogging is not going to be your thing, in my opinion, it would clearly be the No. 1 option to increase the number of followers on Twitter since it is effective, it is ” ethics” (it does not employ dirty tricks like the follow / unfollow technique) and it requires practically no effort because it works alone.

  1. Pull your friends and acquaintances

Find friends who are already on Twitter and are active, encourage people (not only friends, but also co-workers, clients, etc.)  To sign up on Twitter, in this blog you will find a lot of material to convince them. Make a  mass email  to your contact list, both professional and personal, indicating that you are now on Twitter,  ask co-workers and clients  if they are on Twitter, communicate your new account in  forums and social networks  in which you are already active, etc. That is, try to identify all the resources you already have  and try to make the most of them to get a small initial base of followers on Twitter. Going from zero to a few tens would already be a very important step.

  1. Make guest-posts on relevant third-party blogs

Another great way to accelerate the growth of your follower list is guest-posts  on a third-party blog.To increase your options it  is important that you also dare to  get into new terrain  that is not obvious at first glance, but  related  to your activity. For example: suppose you are a lawyer, you have your own office and you are interested in promoting yourself.

Publishing a post of very good quality and that is successful in a blog with the traffic it would not be foolish to get  more than 100 followers  with this action in the medium term, even more if you manage to make a post of a caliber that becomes in a reference on the network, without talking, of course, about the  positive effects for your personal brand  of all this.

  1. Followback

I hate “I follow you, you follow me” style techniques .

However, on the other hand, unless you have a significant number of friends or manage to “place” a guest-post in a consolidated blog with a high level of traffic such as Blogging,  it is not easy to reach a critical mass of followers . Which allows you to “be heard” on Twitter and continue to grow by tango based on quality tweets. This critical mass would place it at > 100 followers approximately, although it is a highly debatable figure .In that sense, taking into account the harshness of the principles, it seems “excusable” to use this type of technique for that initial “push”.

Of course, be clear that an audience that you build with these techniques is going to be  very ineffective since people who do follow backs by system  will hardly ever read you and even less will interact with you  (retweets, mentions, etc.). Therefore, the thing makes sense rather in the face of the good image that having 100 or more followers already gives, which will considerably facilitate that others are interested in you and give you a chance.

But this, on the other hand, is still a hoax because your audience will be followers who are not really interested in you, but participate in the same parade. These things are what I referred to earlier by “dirty tricks.” Now, it does not seem the same to do it “on a small scale” to achieve that ignition effect of your account than when you already have 5000 followers. In those ranges I think we are talking about outright deception to pretend a success that you don’t really have.

Anyway, from here on, the decision is yours.

  1. Put your Twitter account on your business card, in the signature footer of your email, etc.

This point does not have much to explain. It is an idea as simple as it is effective .In addition, it is an improvement of your  professional image and personal brand  because a Twitter account on a paper business card is something that adds a touch of professionalism, gives an air that “you are up to date”.


On the other hand, setting up signature footer in your email with your Twitter account (and who says Twitter, says your blog, etc.) is a very profitable investment. Think that it will surely take you no more than 15 minutes of work and yet you will be sending thousands of emails with that signature over the next few years. If you do not know how to do it for your specific email reader, on Google and YouTube you will find infinity of tutorials that teach you for Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

  1. Take advantage of your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts

This trick is, in short, the same as the previous one, but applied to Facebook and LinkedIn. The idea would be to first communicate the existence of your Twitter account to your contacts and friends, but you can also  publish from Twitter to Facebook  and you can also  do the same in reverse .If you maintain constant activity on these channels and take care of quality, the increase in followers is sure.

  1. Hand out Follow Fridays (#FF)

“Follow Fridays” are a very widespread tradition on Twitter that was invented in 2009 and consist of recommending tweeting on Fridays through tweets marked with the Hashtag #FF or #followfriday. Using this idea, you will surely be able to please the ego of some other tweeter by recommending for you (which can be translated into following you) or simply being interested in who you are, liking your timeline and deciding to follow you. It all depends on the good judgment and originality of your #FF.

  1. De-provision yourself

The world 1.0 is still key if you want to succeed in the world 2.0, we are people and the quality of the relationship with someone you know physically is difficult to match online. On the other hand, it goes without saying that they are also very effective (due to the networking they allow) “traditional” events such as lectures, courses like the ones we organize here, round tables, etc.


If you do not have a time to do all such things you can Buy twitter followers from the Best Digital Marketing agency such as Adflee. In short, with these tricks and applying the basic principles, with a little effort, you should be able to reach a few hundred good quality followers in a matter of 2-3 months.

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