Caring for Your Dog in the Summer

Caring for Your Dog in the Summer

As we head into the summer months and the days get hotter and longer, it’s important to keep your pup happy, healthy, and safe.

To help, we’ve created this guide to help you properly take care of your pup during the summer.


For the most part, playing with your pup on a hot day can be fun for the pair of you. But staying in the sun too long can cause a series of problems. While most dogs are smarter enough to know when to head into the shade to cool down, there may be times they need a little nudge.

Heatstroke occurs when your dog can’t seem to lose excess heat. If your dog’s body temperature rises by even just four degrees, the consequences could be fatal.

With this in mind, you should ensure your dog has plenty of space in the shade and plenty of water available. Avoid warm enclosed areas like conservatories and cars, and make sure they take regular breaks from playing and running.


Yep, just like humans, our furry friends can suffer from sunburn when exposed to the sun for too long. Dog-friendly sun creams can help minimize the risk of sunburn and larger issues such as skin cancer. Apply it to their ears, nose, and anywhere with particularly thin fur. Don’t forget to re-apply after your dog has been for a swim, too.


Fleas love warmer conditions, making Summer the perfect breeding period. Spending time with your dog during the summer will make your summer happier. As our pooches spend more time outdoors and potentially more time with other dogs, a flea infestation is pretty likely. Speak to your registered vet, or head to to find out more about parasite prevention and the treatments available to you and your pet.

Going on holiday

Just because you’re a dog owner doesn’t mean you’re not allowed a holiday. There are plenty of dog-friendly hotels and campsites that allow you to take your furry friend on vacation. But, if you want a break from entertaining your pooch, you might want to consider hiring a dog sitter or booking them into a kennel.

It’s always recommended that you visit a kennel in person before booking your dog for a holiday. You want to know your pet is being properly cared for, with plenty of room to play. In order to book your dog into the kennels, you’ll likely need to be able to provide all their documentation so the trainers know which vaccinations they’ve had and which dogs they can socialize with.

Traveling with your dog

If you’re heading on a staycation or want to take your pooch for a big adventure further afield, it’s important to make sure your car is safe and cool for the journey. Dogs can suffer from travel sickness, so it’s vital you take regular breaks to give them time to use the bathroom, have a drink, and a little fresh air.

During the journey, make sure they are securely strapped in to keep everyone safe!

Summer can be a really fun time for the family to bond. However, just as we care for ourselves with water, shade, and sun cream, it’s important to make sure we do the same for our pets.

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