Retirement Options in Bella Terra

Retirement Options in Bella Terra

If you’re heading to that golden age where retiring is on the horizon, or if you are retired already, you may be considering where you want to live to enjoy this time in your life. If you decide to head to New Jersey you’ll find a thriving senior community and many benefits.


One of the most appealing prospects of life in New Jersey is the warm climate. Getting older can trigger certain bone and muscle issues that can benefit from warmer conditions. Exposure to sunlight increases vitamin D levels that many older people are lacking.

With warmer weather comes more opportunities for outdoor activity that make it easier to lead a more active lifestyle. Exercise is crucial to increase longevity and maintain flexibility in joints and muscles.


If you are looking at options for assisted housing because you have some care needs, Bella Terra senior living offers assisted living options with access to amenities such as transport, food, housekeeping and social functions. There are various payment options, and you can discuss your needs during a tour of the premises.

If you’re looking to buy a home in New Jersey, do lots of research to find a good real estate agent. Don’t rush as NJ prices can be quite high and the process expensive, however, if you choose the right area, at the right time, you could bag yourself a bargain.

Lots to Do

New Jersey is a hub of activity but is also known as “the garden state” so has the best of both worlds. There are a plethora of monthly farmer’s markets where you can buy fresh produce; ideal if you’re a foodie and enjoy knocking up culinary delights.

If you prefer to treat yourself to meals that are cooked for you, New Jersey has an abundance of diverse restaurants to suit any palate. You’ll enjoy exploring the cultural atmosphere of the city and you can find anything from family friendly casual dining options to chic modern delights to tempt you.

New Jersey is also a great place for the family to come and visit. It has 44 beaches along with amusements, recreation parks, zoos, aquariums, restaurants and quieter coastal towns. It is also home to the famous Thomas Edison National Historical Park where you can have a tour and observe how modern America was invented.

Community Engagement

There is a thriving senior community in Bella Terra and connecting with the locals is a good way to settle in and make new friends. Places such as Keystone Place offer activities such as yoga, art, exercise classes and many more, which will help you have fun and stay physically and mentally stimulated.

If you are feeling well and looking for ways to help out in the local community you could try volunteering. Getting involved in supporting local food banks, feeding the homeless, raising awareness of racism and inspiring young people are all great ways to feel like you’re making a difference and helping others which is mutually beneficial work.

Deciding where to retire is a big decision and an exciting one. With the right information and a positive mindset, your retirement might be the best time of your life.

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