Caring for Elderly Parents

Caring for Elderly Parents

Being a parent is a wonderful gift. Good parenting takes effort and bringing up children requires self-sacrifice and heaps of unconditional love. When your parents start to get older it’s crucial to show them you care by looking after them the way they looked after you. How can you do this?

Regular Contact

Life is busy and many families are juggling, work, school, children, housework and other responsibilities, but it’s crucial to make time for ageing parents and check in on them regularly. It is especially important if one of your parents live alone. It’s easy to become isolated during retirement and often older ones won’t ask for company as they don’t want to be a burden. Pick up the phone and check they have all they need or make time to go over for a cuppa and a chat – they will appreciate the contact and enjoy hearing news about their grandchildren and your lives. It will enhance their emotional and mental wellbeing and will help them feel part of your lives even when alone.

The Right Medical Care

When parents become sick it can be a cause of worry and stress. What if your parent is struggling with everyday tasks and you’re worried that staying alone may pose a risk to their safety?

You should discuss the options with your immediate family and identify ways to help. If you have a big house is there a way to bring your ageing parent into your home? If space is limited and living with you is not a viable option, then you could consider a nursing home. If you Google nursing homes near me, you will find information and advice about high-quality care that combines medical assistance with independence. Nursing homes offer 24/7 nursing care along with other services that can help the elderly stay active, healthy and maintain a good level of wellbeing.

Along with nursing homes, there are also various homecare options that you can research if your parent/parents wish to stay in their own homes. You can arrange for a home-assisted programme, where work such as laundry, cooking and gardening are all taken care of but they can still retain independence. Be sure to talk through options with your loved ones so you have a clear idea of what they need and want. Anything you put into place should be to improve their quality of life.

Help with Admin

Technology has developed rapidly in recent years and many older ones struggle to keep up with the change. Be willing to teach your parents how to complete tasks such as online banking and shopping, which will make life easier for them and help them retain autonomy in their lives. If they are suffering from cognitive impairment you should take some time to complete admin and legal tasks for them. Ageing people can get confused and are open to financial exploitation so getting the right help will make them feel more confident.

Watching parent grow old can be a sad experience but you must stay positive and ensure that your parents know that you love them, and want what’s best for them right to the end.

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