How John Branca Clients Find a Reliable Entertainment Lawyer

How John Branca Clients Find a Reliable Entertainment Lawyer 1

The cutthroat world of the entertainment industry can understandably leave many within it wondering how they can find an entertainment lawyer that they can trust. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to find a reliable entertainment lawyer that will genuinely advocate on your behalf in tricky legal situations.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

Although this may not always yield perfect results, one of the best ways to find a high-quality entertainment lawyer is to ask trusted people in your social circles about their own entertainment lawyers, such as John Branca. It can be difficult to tell if a lawyer will be trustworthy and helpful, but if a friend or family member has had multiple excellent experiences with their entertainment lawyer, it might lead you in the right direction.

Keep in mind, however, that not all entertainment lawyers have the same background and experiences. If your friend is a professional juggler, and their lawyer specializes in that industry, their lawyer might not be as helpful for a musician or actor.

Check with Other Local Agencies

It can be easy to spend a few minutes performing online searches to find an entertainment lawyer, but it’s nearly impossible to learn anything meaningful about a potential lawyer just from an online bio or website. As a result, check with local nonprofits that can connect you with trustworthy legal help or connect with nearby art schools to see if they have any go-to entertainment lawyers that past students have had success with

If you don’t have access to either of these agencies, you can turn to online lawyer directories to at least find the names and contact information for a few different entertainment lawyers that you can then meet with to decide if you want to move forward with them.

Interview Potential Attourney Options

Many professional entertainment lawyers will provide a free or low-cost consultation that can help both the interested party and the entertainment lawyer decide if a partership would work. The lawyer may want to know the details of what you are looking for, whether it’s simply contract negotiaton or further legal issues, and you might want to know how quickly they can acheive a desired outcome.

At this stage, don’t be afraid to ask for professional references that can attest to the professionalism and results of the lawyer in question. If they are truly a quality lawyer, they won’t hesitate to give you some names and numbers you can contact to learn more about their experience with this lawyer.

It may also initially feel awkward to discuss fees and money, but determining legal expenses ahead of time can help you decide whether or not you want to move forward with a particular entertainment lawyer.

In Conclusion

Nearly everything about the entertainment industry feels daunting and overwhelming, including finding an entertainment lawyer. Do your best to find an entertainment lawyer that others in your life can vouch for, but no matter how you find a potential lawyer, it’s imperative that you meet with them yourself before you proceed.

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