Male Hair Removal – Types, Methods and Benefits

Male Hair Removal

Male hair was traditionally a symbol of virility, but times have changed, as have fashions. While the beard has returned in all its splendor, waxing in its many variables is imposed on bodies.

The benefits of male waxing are high and every day it is more common to find men with shaved bodies, whether they are runners, cyclists, swimmers or any type of athlete. It must be said that hair removal provides a very high sense of freedom, as well as a lot of comfort, especially in those people who have a lot of hair.

It is a good alternative for those who want to show what has taken so much effort, since it favors the definition of the muscles.

Thanks to the, it is also possible to be somewhat cleaner, since sweating and the bad smell that usually originates with the hair is considerably reduced.

Types and methods for male hair removal.

The trend that timidly broke in at the hands of metrosexuals has become widespread throughout the world. Hair removal is no longer something exclusive to women and hair removal is becoming more and more common in men who are concerned about showing off a hair-free body.

When deciding by which method to use, men ask questions such as, what system to use? What are the most effective and least painful methods? How long do its effects last? Etc.

In general, there is no basic rule, but to decide on one or the other we leave below a small guide that explains in a simple way what the different methods of male hair removal are, from waxing, laser hair removal, depilatory creams, to electric razor.

Next, we quote and explain all the types of male hair removal:

(1) Male waxing.

This is undoubtedly the most used depilatory method, both by men and women. Not only is it one of the cheapest, but it is fast and generates great results.

If we choose this method of hair removal in men, we must bear in mind that it can be painful for those who have not previously waxed. That is, this method is recommended to be used on hair when it is shorter, such as when it begins to appear after a while after having waxed. Take a look at these male depilatory wax products.

Male waxing tip: Use depilatory cream or razor for a first waxing of stronger and longer hair and use depilatory wax for a second waxing when the hair is growing. This way, it will be much less painful.


(2) Laser hair removal in men.

Although many men try waxing, not all can tolerate pain. That is why laser hair removal stands as a great alternative for them, as it is a system that ensures that they progressively reduce the amount of hair without so many associated discomforts. They see in the laser an option to eliminate historical hairs and end, for example, the annoyance of daily shaving, irritation and infections in more delicate skin.

(3) Depilatory creams.

The depilatory creams is one of the most effective methods and less cumbersome when compared with the use of traditional blade, it is the depilatory cream. It can be used all over the body, but avoiding intimate areas. The advantages are that they are very easy to apply, they are inexpensive, painless and the process is quite fast. The disadvantage is that pimples can appear or that the hair comes out hard.

(4) Male hair removal by electric razor.

It is a simple form of hair removal that can last up to three weeks as it removes hair from the roots. The correct way to pass the razor is doing it in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair. There is a wide variety of electric depilatory machines so choose the device that best suits you, and take into account if you have sensitive skin or not. The advantage is that it is simple, fast and that it can last several weeks. The downside is that the hairs can get stuck under the skin and it can be a bit painful.

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