Luxury Timepiece Finds: Five Of The Best Oris Wrist Watches In Today’s Market

Oris Wrist Watches

Oris is a wristwatch manufacturer that produces quality timepieces that meet the needs and wants of the public. They have been in the industry of making luxury wristwatches for decades now, making them able to know the difference in and out of every aspect of a wristwatch. If you are having a hard time finding your next timepiece there, the brand is an excellent way to start.

This article will be discussing the most elegant wristwatch that they have produced for the market. Here are the five of the best Oris wrist watches available in today’s market.

Aquis Hangang Limited Edition Automatic Green Dial Men’s Watch

Our first introductory wristwatch is the model 01 743 7734 4187-SET from the brand Oris Watches, which has a steel casing and stainless steel band, which is made for every gentleman. One of the first things that you will notice as soon as you have glanced into this wristwatch is the green dial with an eye-catching design that most individuals would love to have.

It is a round shape of a wristwatch with a diameter of 43.5 millimeters which makes it a prominent timepiece. You will also be benefiting from the movement of caliber Oris 743 base SW 220-1 and a reserve of 38 hours for an emergency when it is fully wounded. It has a frequency of 28’800 v.p.h., 4 Hz, which pretty much sums up why you need this wristwatch in your everyday activity.

Divers Sixty-Five Automatic Green Dial Men’s Watch

The second one is the model 01 733 7707 4337-SET, which is also made for men. It is a combination of black and silver casing paired with a green dial and black leather band. Having this timepiece paired with a leather band makes it a comfortable wristwatch to wear in any activity that you might think about. Sometimes it will seem that you are not even wearing a wristwatch because of its comfort.

It has a steel material for its casing, making it durable in various scenarios for a long-lasting life span. It is an automatic type of wristwatch with the movement of caliber Oris 733 base SW 200-1 and a reserve of approximately 38 hours after it is fully wounded. The water resistance that allows you to dive deep in the deep blue ocean with a limit of 100 meters is also a notable aspect of this timepiece.

Aquis Date Automatic Blue Dial Ceramic Rubber Strap Men’s Watch

The model 01 400 7763 4135-07 4 24 74EB is the third one on our list, made for men’s wristwatch enthusiasts. It has a blue dial that has its inspiration with the deep blue sea, which is inlined with this wristwatch’s capability to submerge 300 meters deep without taking any damage. It also has a five-day or approximately 120 hours of reserve.

The only downside about this wristwatch is having it paired with a rubber strap. However, having a rubber strap allows the owner to easily remove and pair it with their preferred brand in the first place. If you don’t want to replace the band, you will be enjoying a lightweight luxury wristwatch that can easily blend with any outfit you have paired with it.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Limited Edition Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

The wristwatch model 01 743 7734 4184-SET MB is the fourth in our list from the list of finest wristwatches of the Oris brand. It is made with your typical silver casing and band that makes it look as classy as it can get. The dial has a black color with a luminous indexes hour market, making you check the time even in dark places.

This is an excellent wristwatch to be worn in meetings to convey a solid and active first impression. It can also be best to use this in your adventures as this wristwatch has 300m water-resistant features, making it flexible in any weather and water activities. If you are looking for a flexible wristwatch to purchase in the market, this is one of the most astonishing from this collection.


In choosing your next timepiece, the Oris brand can be your starting point for your next timepiece purchase. The wristwatch mentioned in this article is just the tip of the iceberg which tells you that there is a more notable wristwatch from their collection that you should explore. It is also recommended for you to learn more about a brand and the wristwatch itself before you purchase them from the market.

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