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App Based Background Removal Service

Background removal service is not what it used to be only a decade ago. In the past, only image editing programs were being used to manual remove the background from images. While this is still a widely used practice of removing image backgrounds, tool based or app based online background removal services are on the rise.

Why the sudden surge in these automated background removal services?

Answer is not so simple to give out in one line. Let’s look at few reasons why people are opting to hire online background removal service providers.

Its Quick and Easy Way of Removing Background

One reason why people use these online services is because it is quick and somewhat easy to use. You go the site of the service provider and upload your image. It will walk you through few steps of selecting which part of the image background you wish to remove. One you select these parts; the app then does the rest. You can get the background removed from an image within 1 minute or two. You will however need to spend few extra minutes to register for the site, add payment methods and pay for the service. Altogether, it might end up taking ten minutes or more to get a single image background removed.

It is Cost Effective

Too based or online app-based background removal service costs less than manual time-consuming laborious method. Since the backgrounds are being removed on the fly by an online app or tool, it cost less than the method that requires manual labor and years of expertise. When it comes to cost, you are looking at dimes and quarters with automated method depending on the quantity. Just like with any other service, more you buy, lower the cost becomes. While with manual photo retouching service, you are looking at an easy dollar to several dollars based on image complexity and order volume. No wonder app-based background removal services are gaining popularity.

No Steep Learning Curve

Learning to remove the image background using a photoshop application requires time and practice. You just don’t open a photoshop tool and start removing the image background on the fly. You will need to go to professional graphic design school to be a professional at this field. If you are doing it for fun or occasionally for personal use only, you still will need to spend countless hours scouring through the online photoshop tutorials and practicing before you can perfect this art. With online or app-based method, there is no learning curve and you can literally start removing image background as of now if you wish.

Manual or App Based Background Removal: Which One Should You Select?

If you are removing image background for personal or non-commercial use, then feel free to use tools or online applications to get the job done. However, if you are removing the background for commercial use, then you must elect the manual method by professional graphic designers to get the most accurate results.

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