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Property In Paphos

Have you perhaps noticed that, with everything going on in the world, people are starting to question how and where they live? Are you feeling that same need to change your life? Perhaps you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or simply retiring to a warmer climate? Then again, you could be considering how to invest in property to help you get an additional source of income? All of these reasons are great motivations for considering property for sale in Paphos. In fact, there are many advantages to having property on the Mediterranean and you can click on this link for a range of potential properties in this stunning Cyprus coastal town.

Why is Property for Sale in Paphos so Popular?

  • Climate and lifestyle
  • Location
  • Lost cost of living
  • Access to Europe

Climate and Lifestyle

Clearly, the Mediterranean relaxed lifestyle is always going to attract people to its shores. However, Paphos Cyprus offers so much more. Of course, there’s delicious and very healthy food available but there’s also the traditional festivals and the UNESCO sites. You can, for example, visit the kings of tombs archaeological site. Furthermore, you’ll be charmed by the old Kato Paphos town center that surrounds you with the remains of the Ancient Aphrodite cult. Let’s also not forget the wonderful weather that only goes down to about 60 Fahrenheit in the winter.


Not only is there an international airport just outside town but there are also very efficient bus routes. Furthermore, you have a range of schools and hospitals to choose from. Both have very high standards so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing quality for location. In fact, overall, Paphos Cyprus is part of a growth economy that is bound to keep going up as it attracts more investors and entrepreneurs.

Lost cost of living

Of course cost of living actually depends on what you like to do and if you constantly opt for the high-end choice of restaurants. Nevertheless, overall, Paphos has a low cost of living. You can also expect lower property prices at the moment although they are on the rise.

Access to Europe

People appreciate being able to access Europe for various reasons including travel and job opportunities. Cyprus is therefore a very attractive destination option. This is because it offers an easy and efficient process for applying for residency and citizenship to Europe. In fact, you can invest 300k euros into the property to get onto the fast track process.

Things to Consider when Investing in Property for Sale in Paphos

  • Your goal
  • Property developers
  • The buying process

Your Goal

People search properties for sale in Paphos with several goals in mind including living there or entering the rental market. If you’re an entrepreneur setting up a new business or a retiree then you’ll probably have different needs. The main question is whether you want to be near the buzz of the town center or in one of the surrounding villages. These include Tremithousa, Kissonerga, Talla, or even the popular Universal. Don’t forget though that you can also finally get that sea view you’ve always wanted. In that case, look for property types overlooking Coral Bay or the Sea Caves. This might then sway you depending on whether you prefer to invest in a bungalow, villa, or detached townhouse.

Property Developers

Many people try to do the buying process alone. However,  it’s worth spending a bit more and getting a reputable property developer to work with. That way, you’ll avoid any potential issues along the way such as problems with title deeds. Also, they’ll be able to guide you through the various options regarding area and property types. Simply make sure that they are certified and registered with the Cyprus Real Estate Agents’ Association.

The Buying Process

The actual process should take between 1 and 3 months. Naturally, this depends on how long you take to get to know the island and explore properties. Regardless, the process essentially starts with you making your reservation fee on a property. Then, your lawyer and agent can do full due diligence and draw up a contract of sale for you. Overall, you can expect them to guide you through the process. The final steps involve paying the Land Registry and transfer fees so that the title deeds pass over into your name. Clearly, there are a few more details to review but again, your agent and lawyer can explain everything properly.

Final Thoughts on Searching Property for Sale in Paphos

With the rise of working from home, many people are considering a change of location as well as their future investment opportunities. Paphos Cyprus offers so much without any great risk as well as a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle. Why not give it a chance and see where it takes you?


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