How Low Can A 6 Monitor Setup Go?

How Low Can A 6 Monitor Setup Go?

 Have you ever finished a day with pain in your back or your wrist? Most of us fall into bad habits when we work or play at our computers and monitor setups. These days though, you really can adjust your 6 monitor setup from as low as you like to whatever height works best for you. Before you even review your multi-monitor setup though, you’ll have to decide on your computer, desk, and chair so as to be as comfortable as possible. When researching your perfect device, the best place to start is to review pages like this website. It essentially showcases the best ones currently in the market for a great multi-monitor experience. You can then review your setup as per some of the ideas below.

Height Options for your 6 Monitor Setup

A 6 monitor setup can be as versatile as you want it to be as described below:

  • On the floor or on your desk
  • At eye level
  • Adjustable length and height

Floor or Desk Level

If you go for a laptop then you can place it on the side of your monitors, for example. Then, you can place your first main monitor’s edge directly on your desk or even on the floor. In order to be able to get it that low though, you’ll have to check that it has an adjustable arm. A fixed amount would be too restrictive when getting your multiple monitor arrangement as low as possible. Similarly for a desktop, the main unit will be on the side of your desk, usually on the floor. Then, you can place your monitor directly on the floor or again, directly on your desk.

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Eye Level

Clearly, you’ll need to install your 6 monitor setup so that it works for you. If that means placing your monitors on the floor so that you can game from your bean bag or low chair then that’s what you do. Nevertheless, it’s worth bearing in mind that the ideal setup is to have the top of your main monitor at eye level. You should also be sitting up straight when you work out where that is. The benefit is that it will reduce any strain on your neck.


The main thing to remember when arranging your monitors is to get adjustable arms. That way you’ll be able to get everything either as low as directly on your desk or floor surface or at eye level. The choice is yours.

Applying Ergonomics to your 6 Monitor Setup

  • Customization equipment
  • The perfect chair, desk, computer, and monitors combination

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Choosing the right equipment starts with your computer, regardless of whether you choose Mac or Windows 10. It goes without saying that you’ll need to ensure that you have the right processing power and graphics cards to support your 6 monitor setup. Although these days, most computers have integrated graphics cards. You should also make sure that you check your DisplayPort and get the right cables and adapters whether these are HDMI, VGA, DVI, or USB ports, including the right power supply unit. Once everything is in place, including your desk and monitors then you can think about customizing the height.

As mentioned, adjustable mounting arms are the main equipment you’ll need to set your monitors exactly right whether you choose one, two, or even 6 monitors. In fact, you can easily unscrew any fixed mount from your monitors and make the switch. You’ll then have 360 angle adjustment as well as gaining extra desk space. This is because you can clip adjustable mounts onto the back of your desk and away from your workspace.

The Perfect Setup

Again, how you want to proceed with your 6 monitor setup is a personal choice. If you want the expert-recommended approach though, you should invest in an ergonomic chair to match your monitor setup. This will allow you to adjust your height and back angle to suit your desk perfectly. Then, as mentioned, you should ensure the top of your monitor is at eye level. Then again, if you don’t quite have the perfect setup, you can also do wrist and shoulder exercises at your desk. Stretching regularly has huge benefits for keeping you healthy and engaged.

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Final Thoughts on Working Comfortably with your 6 Monitor Setup

Overall, ergonomics is important to avoid repetitive strain injuries that you’ll regret later in life. Also, research shows that sustained sitting for long periods of time actually leads to an early death. This is due to the lack of muscle movement so you can also invest in a moveable desk so that you can even stand at your 6 monitor setup. Whatever solution you choose, make sure that you balance your health with getting the most out of your multi-monitor setup.


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