Best Food Combinations For Better Nutrient Absorption

Best Food Combinations For Better Nutrient Absorption

No matter high quality supplements like Vitamin c tablets, protein, or foods you are taking if the nutrients don’t get absorbed there is no means of taking them. Only after getting absorbed the nutrients enter in the bloodstream that can be easily transported to the various parts of the body where they are needed. Without efficient absorption, your body will not function properly and you are susceptible to various diseases. Without proper nutrients absorption you may have digestion issues, weak immunity, low energy, slow muscle recovery, weakness, deficiency of iron and oxygen in the blood, and many more. Here are some of the best combinations of foods that help the nutrients to get absorbed.
● Plant Based Iron and Vitamin C: You need to take Vitamin c tablets or vitamin C rich foods with plant based iron to support them get absorbed faster. Vitamin c breaks down the iron into forms that make them get absorbed easily. You can squeeze lemon to your spinach salad to make the salad delicious and nutrients faster absorbed. Also you can use orange juice into lentil dishes for boosting their nutrient absorption. These foods pair will definitely help your enhanced nutrient absorption.
● Calcium and Vitamin D: To keep your bones healthy you need the combination of various vitamins and minerals especially vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D helps calcium to get absorbed fastley. So, take vitamin D rich foods like eggs, mushrooms, and others with calcium rich foods like milk, orange juice, and many others. Along with them Sun and fish like tuna, salmon, are great sources of vitamin D. green leafy vegetables including spinach, curly, okra, and kale are good sources of calcium.
● Fat With Fat-soluble vitamins: Fat soluble vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D. they can be stored in the body because of fat. So, eat fat rich foods if you are taking vitamin c tablets, and other fat soluble vitamin supplements or foods. The fat rich foods help them to absorb and let them be stored in the body for a long time.
● Olive oil and Tomatoes: You can get lycopene in the tomato that is an incredible antioxidant which fights against diseases. Lycopene is very helpful in preventing prostate cancer at the beginning. But to get it absorbed in the body, you need to serve them with olive oil. Usually olive oil is a very used great combination of tomato sauce, baked tomatoes, even in tomato pizza. When you are taking tomatoes as a salad, you can take them with olive oil that can enhance their taste as well as their absorbing ability.

When the foods you eat get digested that moves through your small intestine. There is an inner line in this intestine that is covered with various tiny hair-like structures which is called villi. Here nutrients can be absorbed. From here nutrients are transported to larger blood vessels around the whole body. These combinations of foods help this process to become smooth. So, have the food combination and enjoy a healthy life.

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