Top 7 Adventures to Try When in Qatar

Top 7 Adventures to Try When in Qatar 1

When you think about the desert, your mind will probably wander off to an image of some scorching sandy wasteland where people struggle to travel. However, this picture you usually see in the movies is not so close to reality anymore, especially in countries like Qatar.

Qatar offers many wonderful adventures you can try. As one of several desert countries with a coastline, it can be your next watersports destination. Plus, Qatar offers plenty of activities and adventure rooms with experiences you won’t expect to find in a desert country.

Can’t decide what to include in your itinerary on your visit to Qatar? Here is the list of the top seven adventures you should absolutely try:

1.   Dune Bashing

The cross to the desert on a camel’s back has evolved into an exciting modern adventure you can’t miss when visiting countries like Qatar. In fact, it has given birth to dune bashing: a form of off-road driving done aboard 4×4 vehicles.

Ride the Qatari desert’s sandy waves in a roaring vehicle and experience a roller coaster ride in the unique landscape. Besides offering the ultimate thrill of your stay, dune bashing allows you to have that authentic Middle Eastern adventure.

When booking this adventure, you have the choice to rent a dune buggy or SUV or hire an expert who will take you to Khor Al Adaid. This nature reserve recognized by UNESCO and being considered for inclusion as a World Heritage Site also has sparkling beaches and glittering sand dunes that are well known among tourists.

Before you book the adventure, you must remember that the activity isn’t for the faint of heart, so be sure to assess your capacity for excitement before booking a ride.

2.   Quad Biking

Like dune bashing, quad biking is an activity focused on relishing the desert’s innate beauty while partaking in an adrenaline-pumping ride.

You can enjoy this ride in Sealine Beach, where numerous outlets rent out quad bikes for tourists. Both experienced and new riders can go quad biking, although beginners will be directed to the flat terrain that is easier to navigate. The pros, on the other hand, will be allowed to take the steeper dunes.

3.   Skydiving

If dune bashing and quad biking give you a spine-tingling sense of excitement, you might as well try more daring adventures, like extreme sports. An excellent example of this is skydiving.

Deemed as one of the best activities to try for Qatar’s dauntless visitors, skydiving can help you experience the adventure of a lifetime. Choose from among the adventure providers with excellent safety records and hire professional instructors to teach you everything you need to know about the sport.

After jumping out of the plane above the Qatari capital of Doha, you can enjoy jaw-dropping vistas of a futuristic metropolis at the heart of a vast desert.

A word of caution: Since the weather here can reach very high temperatures, you should consider scheduling these outdoor activities over multiple days.

4.   Wakeboarding

Take a break from the scorching desert heat and take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new water sport in Qatar. Aside from sailing and scuba diving, you should also try wakeboarding – a cross between water skiing and snowboarding.

This popular activity is perfect for both experts and novices in watersports because it is very easy to learn. You can visit the Diplomatic Club near Pearl Qatar to try this sport or head to the InterContinental Doha private beach, where you can find the Qatar Water Sport run by enthusiasts who aim to make your visit the most unforgettable experience.

5.  Kitesurfing

Another excellent watersport you should try in Qatar is kitesurfing. As the name implies, this activity entails harnessing the power of the wind to speed through the waves.

There are plenty of places in the country that offer the best conditions for this activity, including:

  • Fuwairit – This coastal village in the Ash Shamal municipality is a prime spot for many kite surfers because of its accessibility (around 90 kilometers due north when you’re in Doha).
  • Zekreet – Located northwest of Qatar’s capital, this village is known for having a massive lagoon where you can practice kitesurfing. It is an excellent place for beginners because it is enclosed and has shallow waters.

Besides these two, you can also take your adventure to the coasts of Al Mafjar, Al Aaliya Island, and Sumaysimah. Just remember that the kitesurfing season in the country is between January and June.

6.   Indoor Theme Parks

Who says indoor theme parks can’t be as exciting as the great outdoors? At Angry Birds World in Qatar, you can get just as much fun and thrill for the whole family.

Launched in 2017, the theme park has a total of 17,000 square meters of floor area, 6,500 of which are dedicated to indoor seating. It brings the world of the Angry Birds to life, letting kids of all ages (and kids at heart) partake in the adventures of Red, Chuck, Bomb, the rest of the feathered gang, and those nasty piggies.

Designed based on the popular interactive game it is named after, the theme park features 20 exhibits, including the most fascinating slingshot attraction in the world. With a formidable framework overlooking the city at 42 meters aboveground, the slingshot lets visitors view the city from as high as 60 meters for the most incredible experience ever.

7.   Snow Adventures

If you thought you couldn’t have any snow-related adventures in Qatar, you need to think again. Snow Dunes – one of the newest attractions at Doha Festival City Mall – will let you experience getting cold amidst a desert city.

There, you’ll find several slopes named and designed after fantastical Arabian cities along with a few other exciting attractions, namely:

  • Dune Dash – the longest slide in the park
  • Snow Storm – a duo racer ride for adventurous pairs
  • White Dunes – adds a snowy touch to the famous desert adventure
  • Snowy Mount – an exciting expedition to reach the top of Snowy Mount
  • Snow Slide – a snowy slide perfect for youngsters
  • Snow Motion – a merry-go-round designed with an icy twist

Plus, there are lots of cafes and restaurants to choose from in the middle of all the snow. Here, you can spend birthdays, anniversaries, and other get-togethers and make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Adventures at a Whole New Level

Going to the desert country of Qatar is already an adventure in itself. Still, you can take your visit to a whole new level with the most thrilling adventures listed here.

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