Happy Teeth: 5 Key Reasons to See a Dentist

Happy Teeth: 5 Key Reasons to See a Dentist 1

Did you know that 42% of people in the US fail to see a dentist regularly? Many people are put off not by fear, but by the cost incurred. However, you need to know why visiting a dentist is essential, both for your wallet and your smile.

From tooth pain to pungent breath, we can keep you informed. Read on for our must-know guide on how to get happy teeth from dental visits.

To Prevent Pain

Pain in the teeth and gums can signal the beginning of many problems, the most probable of which is a cavity. This is when a hole has formed in the tooth, and the tooth itself begins to rot. Frequent headaches and an aching jaw can also be a sign of tooth problems.

Never put off visiting the dentist. Firstly, tooth pain never goes away or heals itself. In fact, you can guarantee it will only get worse.

The worse it gets, the more expensive it becomes. If you are trying to keep costs down, see a dentist soon or your expenses could end up huge.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can occur after brushing or flossing. If you lessen the intensity of your brushing or use a soft-bristled brush and it still occurs, it can be a sign of gum disease. This can lead to infection and serious gingivitis.

Mouth sores on the gum will go on their own. However, they could also be a sign of infection that should be checked.

Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is an oral health problem that impacts many people when they eat very hot or cold food. Serious sensitivity does occur that can cause immense pain. It can be the result of a cracked tooth, gum disease, and cavities.

Try to cut down on tooth whitening products and harsh toothpaste. Do not overbrush. If the problem still occurs you will need dental work.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can form due to quite innocent everyday occurrences, such as the food we eat. However, persistent bad breath, known as halitosis, can be a sign of a serious condition.

The problem occurs when food is leftover in the mouth. It can combine with a lack of moisture and tobacco products in those who smoke. This food rots, making the mouth smell bad.

It can also cause plaque to form on the teeth, which contributes to the scent. Halitosis can also be caused by conditions in other areas of the body, such as the liver, kidneys, and sinuses.

To Correct Previous Dental Work

Dental work does not always last forever, as you are using your teeth, jaw, and gums, constantly. Crowns may chip and come loose, or fillings may be worn out, and need replacing. Ignoring it will only make the problem worse, more painful, and more expensive.

Schedule an Appointment for Happy Teeth

Now you know why you should visit a dentist, schedule an appointment to ensure you get the happy teeth you deserve. By booking regular check-ups, you can avoid emergencies and save on unforeseen expenditures.

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