Ghost Mannequin Photography Keeping Apparel Photographers Busy All Year Long

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Among all categories of product photography, apparel photography is one of the most demanding type of commercial photography. There is no shortage of clothing brands to keep product photographers busy. Aside from major clothing brands, there are small brands as well as private label brands that are selling millions of pieces of apparel products in physical as well as on virtual stores. While lot of these commercial apparel photography are focused around model photography, lot are focused around ghost mannequin photography as well. Ghost mannequin service therefore a very well sought-after service on the clothing industry.

Four Seasons of Ghost Mannequin Photography

In the clothing business, there are four seasons. It is pretty typical in developing counties such as United States and Canada as well as in Europe and Australia. These four seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. With only 3 months in each season where clothing items for that specific season are sold, apparel photographers are ready to start shooting the next season inventory before they know it.

Major brands sell dozens or sometimes hundreds of different products. Each design also comes in several different colors. When all the individual designs and colors are combined, that hundreds of or in some cases thousands of unique ghost mannequin photography need to be shot. This is a huge job for any commercial photographer. Just a few good clients are good enough to keep the apparel photographers busy all year long.

How the Apparel Product Studios are Setup

Photographers or studios that are specialized in ghost mannequin photography must have the required unique setup that is suitable for shooting clothing photos on mannequins. Any studio will have the camera, lights, backdrop etc. that are must for commercial photography. Apparel photography requires one more item which is a mannequin.

Photographers that shoot entire clothing product line will require more than one type of mannequin. They will need male mannequin for men’s clothing photography, women mannequin for women’s clothing photography, kids or junior size mannequin for kids to youth clothing photography. Since man, woman, toddler, youth each has unique height and body shape, no single mannequin can fulfil the need of shooting the entire product line.

Clothing Photos are Shot – Now What?

Photoshoot of the clothing items is the first step towards ghost mannequin photography. Once the product photos are taken, they are then sent to a professional photo editing company or freelancer depending on the volume. Smaller companies might get away working with a freelancer as they will have fewer images to edit. While bigger companies will require a larger team to process their images as they will have lot more images to process.

Post production image editing companies will use clipping path to isolate or cut out the main object or the clothing item from the mannequin. They then will stitch the cut pieces together in a way that the entire product will come in one form looking like a ghost wearing the apparel item. This is the ghost mannequin editing part of the entire process.

Even though a retouch studio or a post-production photo editing company does the editing job, it is the product photographers who does the photoshoot part.


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