Web Design Tips for Your Startups in Atlanta

Web Design Tips for Your Startups in Atlanta


For a startup to thrive in an area, there are four factors in play, educational platform, talents, supportive community, and money. Atlanta has got all four and more factors that can create and raise successful startups.

With Georgia Tech and 23 Fortune 500 companies under its wings, Atlanta has a substantial collection of investors, low cost of living, and international connectivity.

So, if you have opened up shop in Atlanta, you are one step into success already. The second step is establishing your startup’s online presence through the website. You can either approach agencies that offer services like Web Design Atlanta or design it yourself.

But designing a website can be quite tricky, and not everyone has a creative eye.

Here are some tips on website design for startups:

Think About Your Brand Identity

An essential point for startup web design is how it will help make your brand recognizable. Atlanta has been slowly emerging as a tech hub, building a strong base for the startup environment. With the fierce competition in sight, your website has to play a primary role in increasing your startup’s visibility.

A unique logo, custom colors, favicon, icons, and brand motto are some of the elements you have to add to your website. It will help the customers remember your company when they come across your site again.

One simple way to do this is by reaching out to agencies that offer services like Web Design in Atlanta. Such places will have a talented and experienced team of designers who will help you develop the right design.

Intuitive Navigation

As you are a startup, the potential customers who visit your website may have many queries about your company. So, your website should offer convenient navigation, which will allow them to swap between screens and tabs quickly.

If the website offers a poor user experience, it can drive away potential customers and stop people from engaging with your company or business.

Think About Mobile Experience

By 2024, in Atlanta and other parts of the U.S., the number of smartphone users is estimated to reach 290.64 million. Gone are the days when websites were designed for desktops alone. According to Adobe research, 73% of the customers say that the content should be displayed well on the mobile to engage with the website.

So make it easy for the customers to find information and enhance their user experience on mobiles by providing them easy navigation through the site.

Provide them unique product offering and unbeatable user experience, as people tend to leave the site if it is not optimized well for mobile.

Provide Clear CTAs

Once you have a clear marketing plan for your startup, you will know what type of website you require. It may be specific services or products that you are offering the customers. After sorting out your website’s clear objective, decide whether you will want a Submit, Buy, or Download button as CTA.

The CTA’s should tell the users what the action means or represents. Place them prominently on the page and use contrast colors.

In case you are unsure of the layout and design, it is always better to team up with the experts. Many creative agencies that offer web design services in Atlanta have top web designers with vast knowledge in the field.

Convey Your Mission Clearly

Start conveying about you, your technologies, the problems you are working to solve, how you are different from others, and more, from the website’s main page. Also, add an “About Us” page, where you elaborate about your startup, your cohort of employees, and more.

When it comes it mission statements and such, content matters as well. So instead of taking up everything on your hands, you can reach out to a web design agency that will have teams that collaborate and work together.

Contact Information & Details

If you don’t provide clear contact information, you are at risk of losing potential customers. One way to improve communication is by letting your customers find you in any way that is convenient for them, be it email, phone, social media, etc.

You get another brownie point from the customers when you add your startup’s physical address to the website.

As Downtown Atlanta is the central business district housing many businesses, it can be quite difficult for the customers to find your building. So you can add a Google map of your location to the site for their convenience. Finally, don’t forget the contact forms, which have become a popular way of communication in the digital business.

Only a well-optimized and powerful website will increase your customer and conversion rates. Show your customers that you are serious about the business and give them the best user experience. A completely functional website is essential for your startup in Atlanta to take off and thrive.

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