Tips for selecting the best custom bakery boxes

Tips for selecting the best custom bakery boxes 1

People are getting health conscious day by day and diet is one thing, which gets affected by it majorly. With the increasing demand, there is a new business opening every day. Health-friendly baked products are trendy these days. If you are planning to start a business of baking products, then one of the most important elements is custom bakery boxes for your bakery. Custom boxes with logos are also popular amongst bakery businesses.

Putting the logo on the box makes your box stand out, but it is a little costly to get the logo printed on the boxes. Businesses of baking are all about using the best packaging. OBTPackaging helps baking businesses with picking the best quality packaging.

Here are a few tips you should follow in choosing boxes for your bakery, which will help you raise your sales.

Design and Colors

The color of the packaging box is a key factor in bakery goods. It is always better to go with simple designs. The packaging should look nice, but it should not overpower the product. The elegant designs and pastel colors of the box helps the product to look prominent.

Window Boxes

Look of the product is very cared for in the bakery business. How the baked goods look, be it cake, cookies, or pies, is one of the biggest selling points of them. To make sure that the customers have access to the look of the product, try to go for the window boxes.

The boxes with windows help them decide better and quickly. If your business generally displays products in showcases, it is still better to go for boxes with windows. Baked goods are one of the most gifted edible items. When the person who is getting it as a gift can have a little peek of the product, it just creates a nice impression. That person can be your next potential customer.

There are multiple kinds of boxes with windows. Sometimes they have a window on the top of the box; there is not enough space sometimes to have a logo printed on the box. Then there are boxes, which come with a half window on the top and half window on the closing flap of the box.

These boxes help customers have a side view of the product too. There is also ample space on these boxes so that you can get custom boxes with a logo on them.

These packaging boxes with windows are easily available at OBTPackaging for bakeries.


The box for bakery items should be sturdy enough. We do see flimsy cake boxes every day, and let us be honest, they do not leave a good impression on us. The box should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the baked goods. And the quality should be good, so there are no food stains on the box.

Food stains make packaging and product look both cheap. So never go for a cheap and light material because it can turn out to be lethal for your business. Go for custom bakery boxes, which are of premium quality.


The environment is a hot topic in the modern world. As packages have only a one-time use purpose, they end up creating a lot of waste that goes into the environment. It is every business’s responsibility to take packaging decisions sensibly. Not having packaging is not an option, so you have to look into other options to help the environment; always go for environment-friendly packaging boxes materials.

The market has plenty of options you can pick from. There are biodegradable materials to make custom bakery boxes that degrade with time and not pollute the environment. Another option can be using recyclable material, which can be recycled and again made into something else. You can offer the facility to customers too that they drop you recyclable boxes at your store. It is convenient for the customer, and you can make sure that the boxes get recycled.

On top of that, you will find so many like-minded people who will appreciate your efforts for the environment and help you elevate the sales.

Built-in Handles

There is a bonus feature you can add to the custom boxes with a logo for your bakery business. That is choosing the boxes with built-in handles to make the holding of the box easy for customers. The built-in handles give a real premium look to the box. It adds more value to your brand too.

Customers will definitely prefer to buy your product for gift purposes, as it is easy to gift a box with handles. This feature of your custom bakery boxes will make the boxes very noticeable. You can easily find these boxes at OBTPackaging at very reasonable prices.

By using all the above-given tips, your business is ready to roll into the world of baking.

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