COOKING OVER SCREEN | A trend by Chef Adam Schihab to reduce children’s dependency on screens

A trend by Chef Adam Schihab to reduce children’s dependency on screens

Digital Spaces are addicting, whether for kids or adults and since the popularization of the internet, its constant use has caused many issues for people over the year. Aware of the drawbacks it caused, pushed people to curtail screen time; some did more than others, but it did help, especially parents with their kids.

However, when the pandemic hit and social distancing became a way of life, limiting oneself to connect with others physically, people gravitated towards digital spaces to stay sane and feel connected. Though the Internet did end up being the saving grace for everyone worldwide, helping people avoid halting their work and activities. And shifting online helped the world at large, especially economic-wise, sanity-wise, and more.

But drawbacks seemed to overweight easily when it came to internet usage, online schooling did help kids a lot, but it also resulted in kids making use of the internet more than they should, from getting their education to relaxing, to talking to their friends family and more. Everything shifted online, which became very concerning, to say the least, as this dependency can result in addiction sooner or later.

Seeing the change in the pattern of internet usage in his daughter, her friends and statistics globally, Chef Adam Schihab, the food extraordinaire and popular influencer on Instagram, started a trend, a campaign urging parents to distract their kids from the internet and reducing their screen time by giving them something more fun and engaging.

He put on his Instagram that the virus and lockdown have made his daughter Alizée addicted to her electronics; he mentioned from studying to recreational needs, her only source of comfort and solace is her gadgets now, and it did not sit well with him, as he believes and we quote that, “Addiction to electronic devices is bad for children’s mental health.”

Hence he took to his Instagram to kill two birds with one stone, engaging her daughter and showing her an interesting outlet outside her gadgets and urge other parents and children to do so too. His strategy/campaign that he wishes become trending is “Cooking over Screening.”

A productive activity that is entertaining and engaging and makes kids gravitate towards it. He posted a video of her daughter Alizée wither her friend making pizza from scratch. The chef guided the girls throughout, provided the recipe verbally, and jotted it down under the Instagram post for the viewers.

The video clearly showed how much the girls were enjoying making their pizza; the spark in their eyes, the giggle and creating something not only made them happy but bought a face on all of us. The video was a reminder that the dependency on technology is taking the kid’s childhood, their giggles, their life away and turning them into technological zombies.

We love the idea of protecting our kids from this vicious inescapable addition that technology is causing; we support this idea of Cooking over Screening and urge parents to do so too.

This idea will not only keep the kids busy but entertained and far from their gadgets, reducing the harm caused by them. And most importantly, you and your kids will have something new, something delicious all the time on your tables. We believe it’s a win-win, what about you?

Support Chef Adam Schihab in his idea to helps kids escape technological dependency; check his Instagram and if you decide to do this activity with your kids, share it on Instagram with the hashtag #adamkeepingkidsbusy to make this trend; Trending!

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