Best and Professional Webdesign and SEO Agentur

Best and Professional Webdesign and SEO Agentur

We analyze the meaning of your digital offers, thereby increasing their value, and thus maximizing the effect on your users. If the form follows the function and especially the person, a web design is not only aesthetically but also functionally effective. This creates real benefits for your company and your users.

Our work as a webdesign agentur is based on the following pillars:

Target and user focus

When making conceptual decisions, we look for harmony in the area of ​​tension between target requirements and user solutions.

A successful conversion takes place when user barriers are minimized, needs are taken seriously and your goals are ultimately achieved. This creates real enthusiasm.

Performance and sustainability

We pay attention to any bottlenecks during the design and conception, which can lead to performance problems in the technical implementation and operation of a website or application.

Fast websites achieve higher search engine rankings, handle user time responsibly and thus lead to better overall results. The economical use of technology and resources is sustainable. Make the difference together with us as a web design agency!

Modularity and Scalability

A good web design is modular and can therefore be adapted and expanded to meet new requirements. It’s a skeleton, not a corset. Your requirements today can look completely different tomorrow than they are today. Therefore, we design your designs and architectures so that they scale with your requirements and allow further developments.

Responsive web design

This paradigm for creating websites means that they can react to properties of the device used, such as smart phones and tablet computers. We define this term one step further. Therefore, we not only design and develop mobile first with regard to end devices, but also consider the situations in which your users may find themselves.

The constant is the user as a human. As your web design agency, we want your website to be experienced not only on all devices, but also by all people in an ideal state.

Accessibility and SEO

On average, 20% of all users are directly affected by impairments that are eliminated by accessibility. In addition, all users benefit from the accessibility of your digital marketing applications.

Increased accessibility according to the WCAG standard (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is also an accelerator for the search engine optimization of your digital offers.

As also a seo agentur, we lay the foundation for SEO as early as the visual design, because: A good message is only really good if it is perceived and found.

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