Which Fragrance Should I Wear to Attract a Woman?


Personally, a man who smells of perspiration or old cigarette smoke does not make me dream. On the contrary, it is a love killer. I am not even going to try to give this person a second chance. (Unless he comes to intervene in a fight to help an old woman who was being assaulted. In which case he can smell the perspiration).

So a message for all men looking to seduce a woman: Buy perfume and use it. It is not enough to buy it; it should also be used daily. Be careful not to buy just any perfume. Some perfumes are really just made for boys and not for men. You do not want to smell like a 13-year-old boy (unless you are reading this article and are delightful. You want to smell like a man. A man that women want and want to have by their side.

How to know if it is a perfume for teenagers will you ask me? My answer is relatively simple, if there is a picture of Batman on the bottle, it is for children. A real perfume is expensive. However, it is a very good investment. When you go to wear your new eau de toilette, you will feel more mature and more confident. The second advantage is that women will also find you more attractive. Therefore, you win on both fronts.

All right, I hope you understand that a good scent is important. This allows you to feel more comfortable and therefore automatically increases your coefficient of seduction. Kind of like beautiful clothes show off you, both for yourself and for others.

In general, I recommend three perfumes, when a man asks me for advice on how to seduce a woman. All are available in perfumeries in your city or online, for example on Perfumes. These three colognes are sure values. These three brands are recognized for the quality of their perfume. Their compositions are also different, so I highly recommend trying all three and picking the one that best suits the type of man you are.

A final little tip for the road: Take a shower every day and use a deodorant. Your eau de toilette is no miracle. If you do not have a healthy lifestyle, a perfume will not be enough to hide your perspiration smell. We know you Gentlemen; we know that in reality you pay attention to all the details of your outfit before a date. However, do you pay attention to your scent? No? Big mistake!

He can prove to be a precious ally to seduce her. Fortunately, to help you, you people, but also to please you women, we have carried out our little investigation. To answer your question “What is the best perfume for Women? Here are our interviews with women. Exclusively, we unveil the fragrances that made them crack.

“For me, it is really the perfume of the ideal Man, who has everything for him that we all want to meet and marry. He is soft and strong at the same time, sure of himself, he knows also have fun and relax. In short, he is the man who feels good about himself, at ease, whom we dream of presenting to his family. I slip a bit there, it remains a perfume, and it does not everything that is for sure! Anyway, if I meet someone who wears, I leave with a very good a priori. It is certain to my next companion I will give it to him (if he does not does not already have it!).


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