What is the easiest way to learn Chinese?

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Learning Chinese is an ambitious project. Despite your family’s astonishment at this complicated language to learn, you have taken the leap. You are motivated to succeed in this bet and you are looking for information to facilitate your learning.

First, learning Mandarin Chinese is not easy. Just like learning Arabic or German, it takes discipline and work. Rest assured, there are many misconceptions about the Chinese language. For Westerners with the Latin alphabet as we know it, learning Chinese is less easy than English, Spanish or Italian. However, by following a few techniques and above all by being disciplined in your learning, you will achieve your goal. The Chinese lessons you will receive will certainly be Mandarin Chinese lessons. Indeed, Mandarin is the most widely spoken Chinese language in the world with around 850 million speakers. Before seeking to master other aspects of the Chinese language and Chinese lessons, it is first necessary to understand and speak Mandarin.

Super Prof accompanies you on the different ways to learn Mandarin Chinese

To understand and speak Mandarin Chinese you will have to be patient. If you are alone, allow two years of serious work to develop an understanding of Mandarin. However, learning the basics of Chinese on your own is faster if you are motivated. With the pinyin method, you will be able to understand Chinese characters, start writing basic Mandarin sentences and even memorize new vocabulary words.

To learn Chinese in your area, you need a teacher who present accurate English to Chinese meaning with a few key principles can should be known: immersion in the Chinese way of thinking, repetition, pronunciation aloud of different tones, active listening of Mandarin but also memorizing a basic vocabulary. Regarding the grammar and conjugation of the Chinese language, rest assured, it does not exist. What is difficult is understanding and pronunciation of the four Chinese tones. However, to be understood, there is no need to identify these tones perfectly.

To learn Mandarin on your own, follow these tips:

  • Start by accustoming your brain to integrate Chinese sounds by watching videos, for example.
  • Leave aside the grammar and conjugation of Latin languages.
  • Learn the basic words of Mandarin Chinese.
  • Practice Chinese every day and write review sheets to help you progress more easily.

As you are alone in learning the Chinese language, you have no one to correct your mistakes. As an autodidact, it is in your interest to use tools to progress at your own pace. With the internet, you can find everything and of course all the resources to learn Chinese. Learning Chinese online is accessible to everyone. In particular, there are many free Chinese courses on the internet.

Here is what you can do

Use the pinyin” method to interpret and understand Chinese characters using the Latin alphabet. You can for example use Lexi logos to apply this method in your learning. Download the Pleco app to access detailed definitions for each word. It is the reference for all adventurers who travel to China. Work on your Chinese vocabulary memorization with Anki software. Go to China or a country where Mandarin is spoken for a language course in cultural immersion. With these few tools and serious learning every day, you will be able to make yourself understood in Mandarin.

How to easily learn Chinese?

As explained earlier, Chinese is not an easy language to learn. However, by strictly following a few techniques, learning Mandarin is possible for anyone who can afford it. There are even real hopes for all those who are apprehensive about this language. Chinese calligraphy is made easier with the use of our Latin alphabet.

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