Some Etiquettes to Observe in Taking the Lift

Some Etiquettes to Observe

Perth is West Australia’s capital and the fourth largest city in Australia based on population next to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  With a population of 25.5 million as of 2020 and a land area of 7,692 square kilometres, you can say that Australia is one of the least dense countries in the world.

In Perth, considered as one of the largest cities in Australia, you would often see high-rise buildings with lifts on them. So, what do you do when you take a lift in Perth, or an elevator? And what do they call it, elevator or lift? Both are correct, and both are used in Australia. But no matter what you call it, or wherever you take it, it is best to know what is and what isn’t good etiquette to observe when taking it.

  1. Allow people space, especially when the lift is not crowded.

It should not be a problem at this time, due to the regulation on social distancing, buildings have required a maximum number of people per ride (four persons or less depending on the size of the lift).

  1. Do not force yourself into the lift even if you are in a rush.

Again, this should not be a problem at this time. The lift will go when the maximum number of persons is met. Ordinarily, some people rudely squeeze themselves into the lift, even if they see the ride bursting at the seams. Do not allow yourself the embarrassment of being forced out of the lift, especially when the overload sensor alarms. Besides, frequent overloading may cause the lift to shut down between floors and trap passengers inside.

  1. Step out of the lift to let alighting people out.

If you happen to be at the door of the lift, do the courteous thing of stepping out of the lift to let the disembarking passengers out and get back on after everyone has alighted. This is convenient and easier for you and all the riders.

  1. Hold the elevator doors open for a person rushing to get in.

You might be on a rush, but it is a courteous thing to hold the elevator doors for a person you know needs the ride. You never know when you will need the same courtesy extended to you.

  1. Push the floor button for someone who cannot reach the elevator control panel.

When you see a rider with all hands full, ask him or her for his floor and push the floor button for them. Or if you got in first and decided to stay in front of the panel, you can offer to push the floor button for the people farthest from the panel.

  1. Please do not use your phone inside the elevator unless it is an emergency.

It is rude to talk over the phone, in a closed-in space, and subject all riders to your rants, raves, or laughter. Unless it is an emergency, your conversation can definitely wait for a few minutes.

  1.  When riding the lift, allow the riders to get off first before getting in.

Relax and push the elevator call button (indicating up or down) to hold it. The elevator ride will not leave without you, especially if people are getting off. Do not thrust yourself in when people are rushing to get out of the lift.

Elevator etiquette applies wherever you are in the world because politeness knows no elevator doors nor boundaries, even lifts in Perth.

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