How to Build A Gaming Rig In 2021?

Build A Gaming Rig In 2021

Are you wonder how to build a gaming rig? We know that mining sucks for gamers but you do what you got to do. Do not worry, in this guide we will help you build a perfect gaming rig this year.

For newbies, it’s kind of tough but it is not that complicated. There is an option for you to buy a pre-built gaming pc in UAE but building your own pc is more fun. In this guide, we will build a pc around $1,000 which is capable of playing most games at 1080p high settings. Furthermore, it can manage to run some games at even 1440p.


As we have a budget here, so we will go with AMD over intel. AMD processors provide the best value for money and provide extra cores to handle multi-threaded apps. AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series has just launch, but we will still stick with the 3000 series as it is cheap.

We will go for a 6 core 12 threads AMD Ryzen 5 3600. It is an excellent candidate for mid-range gaming. Furthermore, this CPU is better than Core i5 8400 and allows you to overclock. You can also get a free cooler in the box which is not suitable for overclocking but good for regular gaming.

If you also want to save some money, you can go for Ryzen 5 2600. It is not as fast as 3600 but still good compare to i5 8400. If you want some more juice then go for Ryzen 5 3600X which will cost you $40 more.


For the motherboard, we will go for MSI B450 Gaming Plus. It is reliable to deliver everything to run Ryzen 5 3600. Well, you have other options too but this puppy gets the job done.

This motherboard supports DDR4-3466 memory and also has an M.2 slot. Furthermore, it can handle crossfire and SLI.


For the GPU, I would like to stick with AMD Radeon 6700 XT which is a great replacement for Nvidia 3070 Super. We are just looking for 60fps at 1080p, which this GPU can handle well and also costs a little more than 3070. But it has 16Gb of memory compared to 8Gb.

Although, this GPU lacks DLSS. But, if we just focus on price to the performance, then it is the best option. It is the first generation from AMD to support ray-tracing but it is not as good as Nvidia. If you are looking for a less cheap option to the game at 1080p then I will recommend you to grab an AMD Radeon 5700 XT. Of course, when having a great GPU you will also need to look for a good gaming monitor.

Memory, Power, and Case

The memory part is straightforward as there is not much of a difference in prices. A 16Gb of DDR4 memory will be enough as Ryzen 3600 just supports 3200mhz. You can choose either manufacturer such as Ballistix, Corsair, Crucial, G.Skill, Gigabyte, Patriot.

For power, I will put Corsair TX650M 650W which provides enough power for the rig. Furthermore, you can get one of the Add link S70 512GB NVMe and A WD Black 1TB for storage.

For the case of the rig, I will go with NZXT H5510 which is a slick, tempered glass case. Furthermore, the price is very reasonable, which is a bonus. Well, there are other options too as the choice of a case is personal. So, it is better you pick one that you like as it is the thing that your other gamer fellows are going to see.

Last Words!

This gaming rig will cost you around $1000 and can easily handle gaming at 1440p medium to high settings. If you are just looking for just 1080p and not want ray-tracing then you can go with RX 5700 XT. Another important thing of any gaming rig is the power. That is why; you should go with a good power supply that can power all of the stuff and still have room for some overclocking to get some more fps out of your rig.

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