Everyone dreams of having beautiful and flawless skin these days, thanks to social media and our favourite celebrities acing their no-makeup look or airport look.

Getting beautiful skin seems like a dream for many people, and not all of us are blessed with glass skin that looks and feels great all the time. For most of us, skin issues like acne, tan, pigmentation and wrinkles are a big problem.

Some of these issues, along with external factors like sun exposure, pollution and environmental as well as weather conditions, make it even harder for most of us to enjoy the benefits of having perfect skin.

Some issues of skin even leave stubborn marks which need to be treated with care and utmost attention. For example, acne scar treatment is one treatment where many people go to special skin salons or a skin specialist or dermatologist.


Every person, regardless of age and gender, must have experienced acne at some point in their lives. Our skin is the outermost protective barrier between the outer world and our inner body, including blood vessels and vital organs.

The skin has hair follicles, or the places of growth of hair and also some sweat glands beneath it. As the name suggests, these glands produce and secrete sweat; manage the body’s temperature and also flushes the toxins out.

Sometimes, the natural oil secreted from our skin reacts with the external germs or bacteria near a hair follicle, and this gives rise to stubborn acne.

Sometimes acne condition is painful and severe, where people may have numerous acne, causing their skin to become extremely sensitive and reactive. The other times, acne simply comes and goes in a matter of time.

The problem arises for many people when acne leaves, but the marks remain for long on the skin, especially the face. This can make the skin look patchy and unhealthy with red or brown spots at various places.

This is when one should consider going for special acne scar treatment, that uses laser techniques to help the skin get rid of the stubborn marks left by acne.


Apart from the common reasons, acne may develop due to the following:

  1. PUBERTY: Many men and women tend to go through troubled teens. This is when hormones in the body fluctuate and also cause acne on the face, neck and sometimes the back also. Mostly, it goes away with time and age.
  2. PCOD: In women, PCOS or PCOD is a condition in which cysts develop on the ovaries. This may cause a lot of hormonal fluctuations that tend to promote acne on the skin, especially the face.
  3. DIRTY SKIN: If you are a woman who wears makeup, then it is very important to remove it at night before sleeping and make sure that the skin is well moisturised and clean. Makeup can clog the pores and cause acne, among other issues.


Acne can cause a lot of trouble for people, sometimes even affecting their self-confidence and body image. Here are some tips to get rid of those nasty bumps:

  1. TEA TREE OIL: This is a powerful and strong-smelling essential oil that has proven to be one of the greatest allies of people with stubborn acne issues. Tea tree oil is also one of the active ingredients in various makeup and cosmetics ranges as it helps to treat acne due to its powerful anti-bacterial properties.
  2. DRINK MORE WATER: Drinking water is essential for our body as it helps in the smooth functioning of the important body functions and also helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Drinking enough water is also known to help one get beautiful glowing skin as it allows the skin to regenerate itself.
  3. SWEATING: As opposed to the traditional notion, if the body releases a lot of waste through constant sweating, there is little chance for the skin to be clogged and develop acne. Vigorous physical exercise helps in sweating and removing excess toxins from the body.
  4. NATURAL PRODUCTS: Most cosmetic products that are used by the common people contain a large number of chemicals like parabens and silicones. Some of these can be comedogenic and cause the pores of the skin to get blocked often. If you have oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin, it is best to switch to natural products which are free from harmful chemicals and replenish the skin without causing any damage.

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