Transactional messages are automated messages that businesses send to their customers to give them important information regarding their products/services. These messages are usually messages of acknowledgment of order or purchase.

A customerwould require this message from the vendor’s side to know if the transaction they made with the vendor is valid. This message can also serve as legal proof of order or business since the industry has sent it.

Such statements are non-marketing in nature, and hence they are different from promotional messages. Sensing the changing consciousness of the times, most companies today use the transactional SMS service to increase accessibility and deepen customer relationships.

With experienced and reliable services coming to the fore, businesses can collaborate with such platforms and increase their dedicated service growth rate.

How are they different from promotional SMS?

Promotional messages are useful to promote the products and services of a company. They can only be shipped to mobile numbers non-DND (DND unregistered) in nature, whereas transactional messages can access both DND and non-DND numbers.

For instance, if a fine dine restaurant sends a letter to the customers quoting a 35% discount for the buffet in the coming week, the message is promotional. Messages that contain information regarding shipping confirmation or the placement of an order are examples of transactional SMS.

How can a company make use of a transactional messaging service?

It is a straightforward process. Companies can register on platforms that offer transactional SMS service by submitting the required documents to them (e.g. permits, ownership details, etc)

They will analyze the company’s requirements and develop a plan that would suit them best. Once the account set up is complete, the company can determine other things like customer details and a template for the message before usage.


  1. Enhance customer engagement.

Since promotional messages are explicitly marketing oriented, they often go unnoticed since customers have to deal with many advertising messages every day. Transactional messaging service, on the contrary, gives the customer a medium to interact with the company.

It would help businesses to take a leap in the reliability factor and thereby enhance their overall growth. Also, such services enable the customers to add your company as a part of their lives.

Additionally, it is essential to give the customer a confirmation message once they place an order online. It is a feature that every customer desires, and businesses would be doing them a great favour by enabling the transactional messaging service.

  1. Remarkable reach.

As mentioned before, promotional messages can only be sent to non DND numbers, whereas transactional messages can be sent to all types of numbers. This feature is available since the customer initiated the chat to clarify his/her doubts

Since they have “opted in”, they can continue the conversation only through transactional messages. The case is the same with both native and foreign customers. However, businesses would be able to reach out to customers from different locations because of this feature.

  1. Brief conveyance of data.

Since we live in an age of data, it is important not to burden the customers with lengthy messages. The hallmark of transactional texts is that they arrange them in a brief format

Here, messages only engage the receivers, and hence they stick to the most crucial piece of information rather than straying from the main subject

Clients only expect fast and short data that would answer their questions. Real-time delivery of texts is an advancement in the transactional model of messaging.

  1. Round the clock availability.

It is needless to say that customers demand 24/7 service from businesses. Companies that prioritize customers’ comfort must enable round-the-clock service to serve their needs in the best possible manner. At this juncture, transactional messages become very important.

Irrespective of the time of the transaction, these messages will ensure real-time delivery to the customers. It makes transactional messaging service more interesting as it keeps the user informed.


  1. Extremely quick.

Users who seek urgent help expect quick delivery of messages. For example, messages containing information regarding changing password, ticket cancellation, late arrival (in case of flights) etc., need to be delivered ASAP.

Even a slight dlay in delivery can create anxiety problems in the user. Especially in financial transactions, hold in the order confirmation will call the brand/company’s credibility into question. Transactional messages are rapid.

According to a survey conducted last year, 95% of transactional messages are open within 3 minutes upon delivery. This index of the accessibility of this messaging service plays a crucial role in earning the customers’ trust.

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