A Look at 5 Simple Yet Effective Grooming Tips for Today’s Stylish Man

Effective Grooming Tips for Today’s Stylish Man

Here’s one myth that most men have religiously believed since time immemorial: Style is all about rocking a snugly-fitting suit and some classy, pricey shoes. The truth is that it goes beyond this. Gone are the days when women chased men and went crazy over them simply because they were lavishly-dressed. Nowadays, they pay attention to the slightest of details and if you miss several, it’s game over for you.

On that note, the biggest aspects of style lie in the little details we tend to overlook or dismiss as ‘women stuff’. This, however, doesn’t mean that you spend a fortune on a torrent of grooming products or lock yourself in a room for hours in an attempt to look good. Rather, it means learning proper grooming tips and routinely putting them into practice. Here are several that will come in handy and prove effective.

1. Get a Proper Haircut

The nature, length, and quality of your haircut play a critical role when it comes to looking good. An ideal cut should match your bone structure, dressing style, lifestyle, personality, and, most importantly, it should be done your way.

If you’re tired of barbers messing with your hair and trimming it the way they want, then you should consider getting a hair clipper. Hair trimming is a no-brainer job and you can learn and master the skill in less than a month. Moreover, when you own a hair clipper, you can always keep your beard neat and well-kept. And this post by WiseBarber.com has several decent hair clippers that are good for a start.

2. Clip Your Nails Regularly

The shape, style, and health of your nails can make or break your whole look. Unfortunately, most men don’t have presentable nails. Anyway, if you want that elegant, flawless look, consider clipping your nails at least once a week.

Not only the fingernails but also your toenails. Aside from improving your look, short nails will keep you from petty problems such as skin piercing that might cause you pain and discomfort.

3. Trim Nose and Ear Hair

I read somewhere, “The key to higher self-esteem is prioritizing self-care.” That means giving your body the attention it deserves. Yes! You might get away with acne, unwashed denim, or un-brushed teeth, but the thick, dreadful hair protruding from your nose or ears can never go unnoticed.

People either won’t stop looking at you or will be wondering whether to pull the hair out or push it back in. It’s quite disturbing and unappealing. To save yourself the embarrassment, consider buying an electrical nose/hair trimmer. With this tool, getting rid of the nose and ear hair becomes a quick and easy process.

4. Combat Bad Breath

A Look at 5 Simple Yet Effective Grooming Tips for Today’s Stylish Man 1

It’s rather unfortunate that some people have a natural mouth odor. While the smell might seem relentless and unwavering, leaving it unattended might ruin your entire impression.

Whether your mouth stinks or not, you have to brush and floss your teeth after every meal. Also, don’t forget to wash your tongue; because a good deal of the bacteria in the mouth hides there. If you’re on the move and can’t brush your teeth, chewing gum will do the trick. Cleaning your teeth with a mixture of water and baking soda is also a quick fix.

5. Exfoliation Is Key

Even though exfoliation is always dismissed as ‘girlish stuff’, it can go a long way in making you a better-looking man. Here’s the thing: Your skin is always shedding dead cells and unwanted tissue. These, if not gotten rid of, can lead to pimple formation and acne.

To counter this, invest in exfoliation products and toning pads. When you make this a routine, you’ll, in no time, find yourself with sure, smooth skin.

If you’re looking forward to owning your look, you can’t skip the ‘proper grooming’ part. Luckily this doesn’t call for a myriad of efforts. Just start paying attention to the little things you’ve been overlooking on this list.

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