Purse Power: choosing your wallet is both a fashion and an emotional dilemma

Purse Power

Choosing your wallet can be a confusing task. Purses are not made solely to carry your things; it can be compared to your room. You can customise it, clean it and make it reflect your personality.

This year, we’re back to the 80s. Structured, leather and fringe purses like boho wallets are on-trend. But always remember that quality and functionality come first when you choose your wallet. Here are purse trends that’ll spice your year up:

  1. Structured bag

Bags that showcase the retro style of the 90s is what this style is all about. That makes it versatile and easy to pair with any outfit.

  1. Leather

Leather screams both luxury and minimalism. Aside from its minimalist style, it is also durable and could last longer than synthetic materials. Since this is a classic, it never goes out of style. Different colours are achieved through vegetable tanning. This is commonly used to achieve the perfect shade of brown in boho wallets. For those who want to promote sustainability, this material is also eco-friendly!

  1. Fringes and crocheted purses

Shearling and fringe are the trends this year! This will surely spice up and bring some groove to your updated wardrobe. Anything that moves with you or goes with your rhythm has the right to be in your closet. It manifests fun, carefree attitude and youth.


Your purse is an extension of your soul. It is the smallest thing that everyone uses daily to fully represent their whole personality, attitude, and mental state. People can assess your entire being by just looking at your wallet or purse. What does your wallet say about you?


  1. Being organised

Your wallet is like your room, and you can clean and arrange it. Just like you would throw away unwanted stuff from your space, you clear out useless receipts and old tickets from your purse. Just as you would rearrange the furniture in your room, you tend to reorganise the cards in your wallet. Jordan Peterson psychologically proved that these kinds of organised and goal-driven people have a higher probability of success in their lives. So now, you know what to do with that wallet!

  1. Personality

Unbelievably, it can tell the world if you’re emotionally mature or eccentric. Conventional spenders or even people who have a classic design of purses are more likely to be emotionally matured. They are not fond of going out of their comfort zone and trying out new things. Likewise, people who love exquisite, unique and uncommon designs are seen as eccentric people. They also love getting the attention for being different.

  1. Place in the society

This is very common. Just with an accidental glance of the purse’s brand, people around you would be able to figure out your social class; without you even saying anything!


Despite all this, choosing and buying your wallet or purse is all up to you. Fashion, in general, is a way for people to express themselves. If you plan to be bizarre and adventurous about your choices, then so be it, as long as you choose something that matches your needs, lifestyle, and functionality.

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