Benefits of Shoe Orthotics

Benefits of Shoe Orthotics

Are you suffering from aching feet? Are you thinking about adding a shoe insert to help ease the pain? Doing so might help, take a look at the Orthotic Shop. However, you may need much more. There is a real chance you could need an orthotic.

The inserts that you would find available being sold at retail stores without being prescribed anything can offer you more cushioning than you would get from your current insoles. However, that is pretty much all you can expect. They are made up of different materials that can include gel or even foam. However, they come with a downside. They aren’t specially made for your feet. Because of this, they are only going to provide standard support for your foot. While this can make wearing your shoes more comfortable, they won’t help with any specific foot problems you are dealing with.

That is where orthotics come into play. These are specifically meant to address foot problems. They are prescription devices that you would use inside of your shoes to correct specific issues you are dealing with. Because they are designed using your foot as a model, they can correct biomechanical deformities and other problems that can correct issues you may have with standing, walking, or running. Likewise, they will be much more capable of addressing any pain you are experiencing that is caused by various things including arthritis, diabetes, bunions, or plantar fasciitis.  You may even be able to avoid needing surgery to correct flat feet by wearing them regularly.

That being said, you don’t always need these custom devices. Sometimes, you may be able to get exactly what you would need from commercialized shoe inserts that are available from the Orthotic Shop. To figure out whether or not you need prescription orthotics, you should speak to a foot doctor to get their recommendation.

Things Your Foot Doctor Will Check

When you make an appointment to see the foot specialist, they will take 3D scans of your feet. From there, they will examine your foot and how you walk. They will be able to see how all of your joints work together to see whether or not foot issues are causing problems with your walking.

If they decide you do need orthotics, they will take a mold of your feet. That way, they will be able to get the orthotics custom-made to fit properly. As soon as the mold is ready, they will turn the orthotics into either rigid or soft orthotics.

Different Types:

Rigid orthotics are also known as functional orthotics. These are the orthotics that are made up of softer compression materials. These are meant to offer you cushioning to alleviate pressure from either uncomfortable or sore areas caused by blisters, foot ulcers, or even plantar fasciitis. Because of the bulk of these devices, you are likely going to need to wear soft orthotics with prescribed footwear.

You will also be able to get orthotics specially designed for various types of sporting equipment that you might need including ice skates and even ski boots.

How You Should Wear Inserts and Orthotics

You will find both the OTC inserts and the custom orthotics to fit properly inside of your shoe and both should add comfort. Find the ideal shoe at the Orthotic Shop. Any insert that is causing your foot to have insufficient space or that causes your foot to rub against the shoe isn’t going to suddenly get better. Any prescribed and custom-fit orthotics should be very comfortable. If not, you want to let your foot doctor know about it.

You will find that getting custom-made orthotics will always cost more than OTC inserts. However, you are getting something that is tailored to your foot and your foot problems. You are getting a full medical evaluation and solution to your health issues. Likewise, they are much longer-lasting. Your insurance company may step in and provide coverage since it is a prescribed medical device.

To ensure your orthotics are working well, you are likely going to need to schedule a follow-up with your foot doctor. That way, you will be able to be well on your way to solving your foot troubles.

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