Provence Residence, the Condominium that You Dream of

Provence Residence

Finding a place that you can call a home is the dream of every family, especially if you have waited for an executive condominium with a strategic location. Provence residence is the condominium that you have been looking for.

In addition, if you register right now, you can have the advantage of getting the developer price, which is relatively lower than the standard price of a private house. Besides, the standard condominium is subject to specific HBD requirements (Housing and Development Board). You have to follow several requirements, such as the amount of household income that should not exceed $16,000 monthly. Following the conditions from the HBD will make you eligible to buy the executive condominium.

In addition, there is also an occupancy regulation where you have an occupancy period for a minimum of five years before you can sell or rent your executive condominium to another Singaporean. Or you can sell it to the Singaporean Permanents Residents as well. However, there is a specific regulation if you want to sell it to foreigners.

Once again, if you sparked to buy a condo or to have a private house that suits a family like yours. The Provence residence executive condominium by MCC land is the answer that you seek. Hence, we provide this article as a guide that can encourage us to apply in buying our unit. We give you any related information of the Provence residence EC such as the developer information, site plan of the Provence residence, and the unit price.

Provence Residence Developer       

In case that you may be wonder who is the one behind the superb Provence residence executive condominium, you can find the answer below.

  • MCC Land

MCC Singapore is derivated from Metallurgy Corporation of China (MCC), which is known as the leading company across China. When it comes to the steel industry, MCC is the top-notch company in that industry—achieving many significant turning points both in the property and steel industry in Singapore and China.

  • MCC Land Singapore

MCC Singapore is known not only for property development but also for other developers as well. Especially in Singapore, MCC Land Singapore has been contributed to several landmarks like the Resorts World in Sentosa and Universal Studios. As a matter of fact, MCC Lad Singapore is also the pone behind the Alps Residence strong portfolio. Hence, speaking of the high-quality residential development, especially in the South East Asia region, MCC Land Singapore is the developer that can make it happen.

Since its founding in 2010, MCC Land (Singapore) Limited is closely related to Singapore’s high-quality real estate. With its proven portfolio, you know for a fact that the Provence Residence executive condominium shares the same characteristics as other residential projects of MCC Land. Also, with its quality-oriented type of development, you can find that MCC Land has been recognized as one of the top 10 developers of real estate in Singapore for three continuous years.

Provence Residence Site Plan         

Talking about the Provence Residence site plan, this executive condominium was designed o bring the easiest access for the people who live in Provence Residence to reach the strategic places surrounding this high-quality residence. In detail, Provence Residence was built to bring the closest access to several strategic areas such as the educational institution, economic zone, and public transportation in Canberra, Singapore.

Educational Institution

Provence Residence is just a minute away from reputable educational institutions such as the Canberra elementary school, Sembawang elementary school, Endeavour Primary School, Wellington Primary School, Canberra Secondary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, and also Sembawang Secondary School. It was designed so because the Provence Residence’s developer considers the comfortability of your children or your family to reach their school. Hence, the security and the optimization in the study can be achieved at the same time. When you pick-up your children, you don’t have to be worried about getting late anymore. Your children can also optimize their study duration in school and your comfort house.

Economic Area

Provence Residence is the best executive condominium that gives you the ease of access in reaching the most potent economic area in Canberra, such as Chong Pang City, Sembawang Shopping Center, and Sun Plaza. Those areas were the primary consideration before establishing the Provence Residence. Today, the decision to build the Provence residence in Canberra’s strategic location is the best choice ever. You can also get the advantage to make the duration for you to reach those areas is shortened than the normal one.

Near the public transportation

Provence residence is close to the number one public transportation in Canberra, Singapore. Yes, MRT is the nearest public transportation that can only be reached seven minutes from the Provence Residence. This condition is the perfect one that is suitable for dynamic individuals with high mobility and love to use public transportation on their daily basis.

With all of those benefits, it is logical that Provence Residence becomes the number one residence with the highest demands in Singapore and worldwide today. Make an appointment with the Provence Residence developer to get the comprehended information and house visit before you choose one of the places that perfectly suitable for you.

Provence Residence Price

To make it fair and square for us, it may be useful to talk about the benefits you can get from owning a high-quality residence from Provence Residence. Provence Residence is built with a lavish model of housing. This factor is perfect for the customers who have a high lifestyle and demand a high-quality environment for their family or personal life.

For the Provence Residence pricing, you can get the lowest price at the price of $ 178.006.000 and the highest one at $ 233.890.000. for detailed information, you can visit the Provence Residence website and get the full explanation about the pricing, floor plan, and the e-brochure that you can get for free.

You need to know that the demand over the product is always increases every day. You better contact the developer for the product availability.

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