Affordable Patio Blinds for Protection and Beautification

Affordable Patio Blinds for Protection and Beautification

Patio blinds are coverings used for your open patios, which can offer both privacy and shade. These blinds are usually attached to the patio’s inner side, and they are available in plenty of varieties now. Blinds were meant just to block light and wind, but thankfully now, with the new-age varieties, you can custom control the amount of light and shade as your wish.

There are different customization options with movable and rotating slats, and there are also remote-control blinds available now. Here, we will introduce you to two major types of patio blinds.

Slat blinds

These consist of various horizontal flat slats joined with a string, and these can be rotated. Slats allow light to pass fully, partially, or completely blocked as per your discretion. You can rotate the slats to 170 degrees to block the light, and these can also be simply pulled up to clear the patio area.

By pulling the cord or the rotating a connector attached to the string, the rotation can be achieved, and a different string is used to raise and lower the patio blinds. There are other alternate mechanisms, too, for rotation and sliding up and down of slat blinds.

  • Venetian blinds: Getting introduced around the 1770s in Venice, these blinds are made of metal or plastic. There are now wooden slats too used in blinds, and there are bamboo blinds too. The slat width of Venetian blinds may vary from 50 mm to 120 mm.
  • Mini blinds: These Venetian blinds have smaller slats of 19 to 24 mm only, which are ideal for narrow windows.
  • Vertical blinds/track blinds: Such blinds use metal or plastic horizontal slats that can be rotated to 90 degrees, which allow light to come in. It can be folded on to one side to clear the window.

Solid blinds

Solid blinds are also so popular as patio and window shades, which cannot be rotated like the slat blinds. Solid blinds are comparatively cheaper, which needed to be manually rolled up or folded to allow light to come in. The major models in solid blinds include:

  • Holland blinds: Well known as roller shades, Holland blinds are rolling window blinds, pulled up and down.
  • Woven wood blinds: A very popular item to be used on windows and other open spaces as a screen. The slats of it are made of bamboo or decorative wood. The wooden slats are woven together using colorful yarns or other decorative strings. These blinds also can be rolled up and down to clear the space. Woven blinds are highly energy-efficient and have greater light control capacity. These are highly budget-friendly too.
  • Pleated shades: Pleated shades consist of pleated fabric, which can be pulled up and tied at the windows’ top to clear the space. It is easy to clean and has high durability too.

There are other blind categories also as cellular shades, honeycomb shades, roman shades, etc., which you can choose according to your budget and preferences. There are different colors, shades, and designs of blinds available now.

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