How To Save Energy & Money

How To Save Energy & Money 1


Energy efficiency is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Doing your bit for the environment is going to have a positive impact on both the environment and your energy costs. Josco Energy share some top tips.

  1. Get a new energy supplier

There are likely a couple of different energy suppliers that charge various energy tariffs. So, be sure to shop around and check out the costs across various suppliers for the plan you’re using and change your supplier to the cheapest option.

In many cases, if you switch online, the new supplier may give you an online only exclusive rate. In other cases, they may even pay your previous supplier’s early exit fee.

  1. Take the lights off

If you’re not using a particular space or room, make sure that you turn off the lights. This can help you to save as much as $14 every year.

  1. Take off or unplug appliances you’re not using

Do you know that most appliances still use electricity even if you’re not using them, once they’re plugged into an electrical outlet? Even though it may not be best to turn off your major appliances, you should still unplug other appliances such as your phone, microwave, laptop etc when you’re not using them.

By simply switching off these appliances will save you lots of money and you can even save as much as $30 every year.

  1. Check your electricity bills

You should regularly look at your electricity bills to ensure that you’re not being overcharged. In the event that you have credit, be sure to ask for a refund.

  1. Utilize mostly LED bulbs

If you have halogen bulbs or other types of bulbs, you should change them to LED bulbs. They are significantly cheaper, use less energy and have longer lifetimes. By this simple change, you can save as much as $35 every year.

  1. Reduce heating

You can save as much as $75 by just reducing your thermostat by a single degree. You should also try to schedule your heating so that it turns on only when you’re at home. If the weather is bearable, then take off the heater to save more money.

  1. Lower the temperature of the water that you’re using to wash your clothes

Instead of washing your clothes at 40 degree, simply lower it to 30 degrees. This small change can save you as much as $52 every year.

  1. Turn the water off when you’re washing dishes

You can reduce your business’s energy bills by simply taking off the tap while you’re washing up. This helps you to use less water and less electricity to heat the water. This can result in a savings of as much as $25 every year.

  1. Change your water’s temperature

There are many new boilers that enable you to adjust the temperature of your heated water. This prevents you from having to change between the cold and hot taps.

So, you can start by turning your thermostat down and filling your bath. Then, you can turn up the temperature if you so desire.

  1. Use a showerhead that is energy efficient

If you use a showerhead that is energy saving, you can save as much as $75 yearly. Basically, compare the cost of the new showerhead and the cost of energy and water to decide if it is the best decision for your home.

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